The Summer of the Barshinskeys

The Summer of the Barshinskeys Although the story of the Barshinskeys which became our story too stretched over many summers and winters that golden time of was when our strange involved relationship began when our youth

  • Title: The Summer of the Barshinskeys
  • Author: Diane Pearson
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 396
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Although the story of the Barshinskeys, which became our story, too, stretched over many summers and winters, that golden time of 1902 was when our strange, involved relationship began, when our youthful longing for the exotic, for the fulfillment of dreams not even dreamed, took a solid and restless hold upon us So recounts Sophie Wolloughby as she remembers that magica Although the story of the Barshinskeys, which became our story, too, stretched over many summers and winters, that golden time of 1902 was when our strange, involved relationship began, when our youthful longing for the exotic, for the fulfillment of dreams not even dreamed, took a solid and restless hold upon us So recounts Sophie Wolloughby as she remembers that magical English summer afternoon in the season of King Edward VII s coronation and at the end of the Boer War that dreamlike lull in time when the hedgerows were smothered in elderflowers and the meadow air was sweet with haymaking With her brother, Edwin, her sister, Lillian, Sophie listened to the seductive strains of the wild Russian violin tune Mr Barshinskey played and watched spellbound as the ragtag Barshinskey family Ivan, sullen and dirty Mrs Barshinskey, pale and withdrawn and Galina, sensual, wanton, beautiful made their way across Tyler s meadow and into the Willoughby s world.The delighted Willoughby children could not know that this day and the Barshinskeys arrival would change their lives forever much as a breathless Europe could not anticipate that in a few short years, winds of revolution and war would whip across continents, sweeping away the old familiar way of life.It is at this enchanted moment that The Summer of the Barshinskeys begins A beautifully told, compelling story that moves from the small village of Kent to teeming London, from war torn and revolution rocked Moscow to St Petersburg, this is the unforgettable saga of two families whose destinies are fated to entwine in endless combinations of friendship, passion, hatred and love.

    • The Summer of the Barshinskeys by Diane Pearson
      396 Diane Pearson
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      Diane Pearson was a British book editor and romance novelist In 1994, she won the British Book Award for Editor of the Year and was the President of the Romantic Novelists Association from 1986 to 2011, when she retired.

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    • 1902 was the summer when the Barshinskey family came to their small English village and forever changed the Willoughbys. The Willoughbys might be servants, but they are at the top of their social class and the Barshinskeys are at the very lowest rung, little better than tinkers with the children filthy and barefoot.Mr. Barshinkey is Russian, and while a crude, coarse man with a fondness for drink, he has a way about him that charms - and the Willoughbys are no exception (well, maybe Mrs. Willoug [...]

    • How I do love theelet me count the waysI love epics and I think you can safely call this one. It's not 900 pages, only 431 in fact (though I would gladly have read another 400) but its epic in time and space. It covers about 20 years and the lives of two complete families: the Willoughby's and the Barshinskey's (an urchin family who moved into the run down cottage next door to the Willoughby's). From that summer on, both family's lives would be wrapped up together for better or worse.The first h [...]

    • Best things : child pov, coming of age, interactions between two very different families. Love that the children's lives of the two families become intertwined and evolve in such touching ways. The first part is very colorful and delightful but the story soon becomes somewhat tragic. The WWI portion in Russia is gripping. This is top historical fiction with dynamic character development and lots of heartfelt human interaction. I need more just like this. Some of the best books I have read follow [...]

    • *happy sigh*This book was so good. There is a magical quality about the first half, it's shrouded in a haze of summer and childlike simplicity. The Willowby's and Barshinskey's lives mingled ever since that perfect summer of 1904, and what people were like when they were little, it what they were like when they become big. Each family has three children, and both families find something fascinating in the other. We have the adventurous Sophie Willowby and the quiet home-body Daisy May Barshinske [...]

    • Just arrived from France through BM.This book tells the story of the Willoughby family and how their children's life was totally changed after the arrival of the Barshinskey's in their life's.The first part of the book has a reading speed is very slow giving a false impression as far as the rest of the book. As this part details the lives of the children of both families, it's important to understand the rest of the plot.Already during the account of the life of the main characters during adulth [...]

    • This is an epic length read. The first half, or nearly so, all occurs in the summer of 1902 in Kent countryside town. On the day when Mr. Barshinskey and his family arrive to live in the abandoned cottage next door to the Wiloughbys, we meet nearly all the characters. Contrast, conflict and interchange between the two families cores the book. Each has 3 children. Each has 2 female and 1 male offspring. There is where the exactness ends. Peers in age, but not in any faction of temperament or econ [...]

    • A book I was given nearly 20 years ago, it's moved house and husband with me, and eventually i got around to it. I enjoyed it. it reminded me of the old saga stories i used to read when I wss 15, trying to be older Or something. Still It was an enjoyable way to pass the time, and glad I got around to it eventually.

    • Finished. Really did enjoy this book all the way through. Takes place during WWII. Adventurous storyline. Took me to another time and place during my 10 hour drive home from WA this weekend. If a book can make hours fly in a car, then it must be good!

    • I read this a few years ago and remember loving it. I ordered it again and I will let you know if I still love it as much. THIS CAME IN THE MAIL AND I STARTED READING IT AND PUT DOWN WUTHERING HEIGHTS FOR NOW! Loved it again just a nice, easy reaad

    • Great beginning, long, rambling and dull middle, and a deeply unsatisfying ending. I was too invested to quit, but I can't say I enjoyed it.

    • I brought this book at a garage sale. It was an amazing book. I truly loved it! It is still one of my most favourite books I've ever read. If you can find it I recommend it.

    • When the Barshinkeys, a Russian emigrant family, moves into the small English village where Sophie Willoughby lives, life begins to change for her family.“I still do not really understand what drew the Barshinskeys to us and even stranger, what drew us to the Barshinskeys. They were little better than tinkers, we were ‘peasant gentry.” They were poor, dirty, but free; we were well fed, comfortable but confined tightly within our barriers of respectability. Sometimes I think our fascination [...]

    • This book is stealthily fun. It grows on you like a fungus. There's nothing flashy about it at all. The prose is plain, the narrative structure is basically just 450 pages of "this happened, then this happened, then this happened", many of the characters are two dimensional (saintly servant, tempestuous Jezebel, brutish husband). And yet, I read three quarters of this book in one sitting, riveted. Isolated and examined individually, no one element of this book is particularly impressive yet for [...]

    • Such an exquisite beginningbut when the children grew into adults, the book, although still quite good, did not live up to the promise of that magical beginning. The part set in Russia, when Edwin lost his brain and took hundreds of pages before finding it again, was, to me, the weakest part of the story. It just seemed as if the author had no idea where she was going with that part of the tale . Let's face it, Galina was the most poorly developed character in the story and a major bore, so tryi [...]

    • It was a marvellous book and a great read, I couldn't it put it down! I would have given it six stars if I could have

    • I remember reading Diane Pearson's Csardas way back in the day and absolutely loving it, so when I found this book in the Open Library, I snapped it up. And it started off so well. The tale of how the arrival of the Barshinskeys affected Sophie and her family was very well done. As I read the detailed and believable descriptions of life in pre-world-war-one England, I marveled at the depth of the writing and lamented that no one seems to write these kind of family sagas anymore. And then we reac [...]

    • A truly wonderful book. The kind you read with a no hurried pace. You get involved with the Barshinskeys, their lives, their hopes and their tragedies and the small community they move into right from the opening chapter. An easy read with real characters. You'll love it!

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