I Heart Ed Small

I Heart Ed Small In the summer of Baby Hunnicutt s mama dies and her daddy gives her to her aunt to raise The only trouble is Aunt Clem works all day and leaves Baby in the hands of her teenage twins Stoic protec

  • Title: I Heart Ed Small
  • Author: ShirleyJohnson
  • ISBN: 9781478318095
  • Page: 243
  • Format: Paperback
  • In the summer of 1968 Baby Hunnicutt s mama dies and her daddy gives her to her aunt to raise The only trouble is Aunt Clem works all day and leaves Baby in the hands of her teenage twins Stoic protector Allen and kind and gentle Jeffrey, along with the help of their best friend, the unwashed and untamed Ed, raise up Baby the best they know how I Heart Ed Small takes thIn the summer of 1968 Baby Hunnicutt s mama dies and her daddy gives her to her aunt to raise The only trouble is Aunt Clem works all day and leaves Baby in the hands of her teenage twins Stoic protector Allen and kind and gentle Jeffrey, along with the help of their best friend, the unwashed and untamed Ed, raise up Baby the best they know how I Heart Ed Small takes the reader back in time to the late sixties, when adventure and friendship were to be found outside in the hot sun of public pools and the smoky haze of pool halls It s the story of how one little girl gets three lazy hippie boys to get off the couch, clean up their language, and grow up I Heart Ed Small is the coming of age story of how Baby Hunnicutt captures the wildest heart from the very beginning and never relinquishes it from her sweet little hand Just as Baby needs the twins and Ed the most, they leave her life The Vietnam War, marriage and the call of adventure pull the boys away until the tragic threads of life reunite them all once again.

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      Author of I Heart Ed Small and The Music of Mary Frances Currently writing the sequel Baby Small.

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    • This was never the best of books. Not all that well-written, there was no information to explain why the characters acted as they did so it all seemed rather random, and I quickly grew tired and kind of creeped out by Ed's nicknames for Baby. I'm guessing that the love story in it was supposed to be a true romantic love story, but to be honest it made me angry and creeped me out. It would have still gotten 2 stars though if it wasn't for one particular scene that bothered me so much that I can't [...]

    • There are plenty incredible books out there just waiting to be discovered. I heart Ed Small is one of them. The truth is I would probably never had read it if it wasn't free when I purshased it. When I started reading it, I didn't expected to like it so much. It was very good. Good to the point I couldn't put it down.The plot was original. The development of the characters and the relationships between them interesting. But I have to admit that I cringed my teeth at times. I was unconfortable wi [...]

    • 2.5 StarsI Heart Ed small had a lot of potential. There was something really great about the writing and I loved the premise. However, as great as the writing was, I had trouble connecting with the characters and the setting. First, I liked the plot. the book started on a great note and everything that happened from then on flowed well. I enjoyed getting to know baby and watching her grow up with her cousins and their friend Ed. My only issue there was that I think there should have been a bit m [...]

    • I downloaded the e-book expecting to have it just as something to read in my spare time only to end up reading the whole thing in one evening - needless to say, it was a deeply enjoyable read. The writing style is smooth and easy to read, effortlessly flowing from scene to scene but never lacking in description. This mixed with the plot had me essentially glued to my laptop screen until I finished the book. Every time I reached the end of one chapter, I just had to know what happened next.The ch [...]

    • I loved this book and I'm giving it five stars even though it wasn't perfect. Ms Johnson captures the flavor of the 60's perfectly. It was a time when a young child could be casually given to a relative with no paperwork or advance planning. When that relative could feel free to go off to work every day, leaving a little girl in the hands of two teenage boys. It was a time when those boys could accept the responsibility and actually take care of a little girl cousin. I freely admit I am a sucker [...]

    • I'm not the type of person who reads a whole book in one sitting.I usually lose interest somewhere along the story.Even less does a book elicit emotion from me.But yet, here I am, having finished this book in 3 hours, unable to speak because my throat is choked up.It's just that good.The storyline is captivating, and the characters are so beautifully done that you can feel their pain, not to mention their joys as well. It's a love story, yes, but yet still manages to touch a bit on tough reality [...]

    • Point of this post: to tell you this book is magic. NO SPOILERSWhen words can grab you by each of your cells and drag you to another place, you know you have found something; possibly yourself. Mrs. Johnson this novel is a work of art and I pray that you keep on gracing with your overpowering drug injection of your written word.

    • I saw this book on , and then saw the link to the author's tumblr blog. I came away feeling it was good for a first book but overall mediocre. It was hard for me to rate - I vacillated between 1 and 3, and ultimately chose the middle - but I could not give it more than a 3. There are some strong points to the book – I liked the time period of the book and it started out with a strong concept; however, the plot and story arc is not fully developed and gets a bit slap-dash by the ending chapters [...]

    • I've followed the author's blog since the beginning of the year and was lucky enough to feel included in her journey in telling this story she so passionately created. Ever since hearing of this novel, I've been anxiously awaiting its arrival.What is there not to love about I Heart Ed Small? Honestly. I tend to gravitate toward biographies, autobiographies, memoirs, diaries, etc. I rarely read novels and when I do I usually get bored or end the book dissatisfied. At the time of downloading I Hea [...]

    • I devoured this book. Easily the best book I've read this year. Expertly brought back the feeling of summertime as a little kid, playing in the hot sun, drinking from the hose, swimming at the pool and being fascinated by boys the big kids. Follows Baby as she confronts a lot of firsts: first loss of innocence, first time you think you were in love, first time you know you are, first time you do something you'll regret with a boy and the first time you do something you know you won't. Baby and E [...]

    • 4 stars for the actual plot, story telling and writing but I added another for the image of three teenage boys taking care and essentially raising a young child. A very surprising winner considering I went in looking for something to kill time then got actual substance. The romance is not for everyone since the age difference between Baby and Ed is about 10 years. I also note she is 16 when the romance and physical relationship begins. May be a spoiler but I know some people like to know these t [...]

    • I usually give the books a star rating but this time I had to write an actual review so I could say how much I LOVED this book! One of the best I've read for awhile. I could relate to the time period, the music, the clothesd how I felt in my teenage years. This was truly a wonderful story that I totally lost myself in. Will be looking for more books by the author. Have to say again that I loved it!

    • The story is sweet and funny. I absolutely adored the interaction between Baby and Ed. Set against the backdrop of the 60s and 70s, the first half of the book focused on how the three teenage boys attempted to raise motherless Baby Hunnicutt (what a cute name) while going through puberty. The latter part of the book began when Baby turned 16 and experienced normal teenager relationship issues until the reappearance of Ed which ignited a taboo relationship between the two.

    • This book is another great favorite. Baby is such an innocent girl, I think it was the buildup of her relationship with Ed that made it so great when they finally got together. I don't know what else to say, I just loved it, pure and simple.

    • Loved it! Fast read because I always wanted to know what happened next. Baby is endearing and other characters grow on you throughout the storyline. Demonstrates the phenomenon and reality of love.

    • What a great read! Powerful and thoughtful and humorous to the very end. I DO Heart Ed Small I do, I do, I do!!!

    • I enjoyed this delightful journey into the past! I can identify withthat era and such a great group of characters! Well done!!!

    • I’m just going to say it. I loved this book. I read the book, closed my kindle, and then quickly opened it up to read the book again. There was just something about this story that had me hooked. First off the author gave the reader characters to care about. -Baby Hunnicut. She is the central character that everyone else orbits around. It is through Baby that the story is told. The story follows her from a six year old who loses her mother to an eighteen year old who finds her heart. - Jeffrey [...]

    • No, just no! I HATE Ed Small. The story idea was different and drew me in, but I ended up disliking the characters, at least the two main characters, Baby and Ed. Baby was too naive to even be believable. Ed was just an a$$hole. He was disrespectful to everyone, especially to Baby. When she said no to him about playing too rough, about saving her virginity, anything and everything, he didn't listen and did what he wanted. He was selfish and just plain mean. He never even gave Baby a chance to ha [...]

    • What a great book!!! A hidden Gem, a freebie I got a while back but I never cracked it open, until this morning. And I had the day off, didn't leave the house and devoured every single word!!! The story starts in the summer of '68 with our main character and narrarator, Katharine Hunnicutt, but is known as "Baby" or "Baby Hunni" by the ones closest to her. Baby is 6 when we first meet her and tells the story of her living and being raised by her aunt and two teenaged twin cousins and their frien [...]

    • This bookWhat to sayI loved it! I literally laughed out loud.I cried because of knowing a certain PF song that was mentioned (Echoes) among other things that happen. There were times I had to put it down it touched me deeply.I got angry, and I smiled alot.Baby is adorable in every sense her innocence made me miss being a little girl.People change. Times change. but Love always remains in your heartd I doI <3 Ed Small

    • The negative: There is a huge age difference between the characters which got a little weird at times. Also, Ed's motives and absences are never fully explained and I couldn't help but think of the relationship, despite the ending, as doomed to fail because of the lack of insight into Ed (and Baby's immaturity).Having said all that, this is a HUGE guilty, don't tell anyone from my women and gender courses LOVED it sort of four stars.

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