The Amado Women

The Amado Women Southern California is ground zero for upwardly mobile middle class Latinas Matriarchs like Mercy Amado despite her drunken philandering now ex husband could raise three daughters and become a teache

  • Title: The Amado Women
  • Author: Desiree Zamorano
  • ISBN: 9781935955733
  • Page: 452
  • Format: Paperback
  • Southern California is ground zero for upwardly mobile middle class Latinas Matriarchs like Mercy Amado despite her drunken, philandering now ex husband could raise three daughters and become a teacher Now she watches helplessly as her daughters drift apart as adults The Latino bonds of familia don t seem to hold Celeste, the oldest daughter who won t speak to the ySouthern California is ground zero for upwardly mobile middle class Latinas Matriarchs like Mercy Amado despite her drunken, philandering now ex husband could raise three daughters and become a teacher Now she watches helplessly as her daughters drift apart as adults The Latino bonds of familia don t seem to hold Celeste, the oldest daughter who won t speak to the youngest, is fiercely intelligent and proud She has fled the uncertainty of her growing up in Los Angeles, California, to seek financial independence in San Jose Her sisters did the same thing but very differently Sylvia married a rich but abusive Anglo, and, to hide away, she immersed herself in the suburbia of her two young daughters And Nataly, the baby, went very hip into the free spirited Latino art world, working on her textile creations during the day and waiting on tables in an upscale restaurant by night Everything they know comes crashing down in a random tragic moment and Mercy must somehow make what was broken whole again.D sir e Zamorano says that she was taken aback by the negative reaction toSonia Sotomayor s self description as a wise Latina And she is appalled by stereotypical rendering of Latinas in mainstream literature, saying that true to life middle class Latinas are invisible in the fabric of American culture Zamorano is a playwright, Pushcart Prize nominee for fiction, and the director of the Community Literacy Center at Occidental College She also collaborates with InsideOut Writers, a program that works with formerly incarcerated youth She lives in Pasadena, California.

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      Desiree Zamorano has wrestled with culture, identity, and the invisibility of Latinas from early on Her commentaries have appeared in the LA Times, NPR s Latino USA and Publishers Weekly She delights in the exploration of contemporary issues of injustice and inequity, via her mystery series featuring private investigator, Inez Leon.Her novel THE AMADO WOMEN, is about four women, linked by birth, separated by secrets.2014, Cinco Puntos Press.A lifelong reader, writer and educator, she is proud of having co authored with her sister two plays commissioned by southern California s Bilingual Foundation for the Arts Equity productions, Reina and Bell Gardens 90201 toured for a total of eight years A Pushcart prize nominee, and award winning short story author, her novel MODERN CONS is out as an ebook from Lucky Bat Books.About MODERN CONS Family inflicts the deadliest cuts in this compelling psychological thriller Desiree Zamorano is a writer to watch Dianne Emley, L.A Times bestselling authorHUMAN CARGO features Inez Leon, a PI with a tortilla chip on her shoulder in search of truth, justice and the Mexican American way Lucky Bat Books.Latinidad s mystery pick of the year.

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    • ShelfNotes ReviewReview will not be posted on the site until closer to publication date.Dear Reader,This might be the first book that I've read which shows a different side of Latino women. Usually, when reading books featuring Latinos, I find the light is a little dark and the setting a little poor (literally). I recently went to see Junot Diaz speak at a local College and he cried out for more Hispanic writing, and he vividly described what it's like to be a minority watching TV and reading bo [...]

    • From its shocking opening to its dream-like ending, Désirée Zamorano’s The Amado Women dishes out secrets, lies, and hurts as fast as we can gobble them up.Mercy, the family matriarch, rules over her three daughters not with an iron hand but with a constant hope that they’ll find happiness. Mercy’s secrets are old ones. They can’t help but bubble up when crisis arrives. And crisis arrives over and over again.In fact, so many crises occur in The Amado Women that almost anything I can sa [...]

    • When I finished this book, I immediately hugged it. Kind of ridiculous I know, but it felt necessary because the book ended so completely and so powerfully I felt like that was the only way to release all the emotions pent up in me. Amado Women is the Latina’s Waiting to Exhale. Much like that book showed the ups and downs of both womanhood and being black, this book shows the ups and downs of being a woman and Latino. The writing style is addictive, having an almost perfect rhythm. It’s spa [...]

    • The publisher of Désirée Zamorano’s The Amado Women is Cinco Puntos Press—a publisher I’ve just discovered, but I’ll be on the lookout for any new works they publish. I have been lucky enough to receive electronic ARCs of three of their latest books. Cinco Puntos describes its mission in this way: “With roots on the U.S./Mexico border, Cinco Puntos publishes great books which make a difference in the way you see the world.” Based on my reading of the first of the three ARCs I’ve [...]

    • I love it when a book tour comes together!Check out where the tour is headed and what you're in for at Grab the Lapels.Check out how Desiree became a writer over at the PhD in Creative Writing blog.Check out an excerpt of The Amado Women with insights from the author over at The Next Best Book Club blog!You can read an interview I conducted with Desiree. All questions are about her novel, The Amado Women. It's up at [PANK]!Desiree explores the setting of The Amado Women, sharing with readers her [...]

    • Ordinarily I don't choose stories about contemporary life since I prefer speculative fiction. In this case I had met the author through a local writers group and was curious. And I enjoyed it. Not being Latina, I had to accept the story as it stood, but the cultural aspect felt authentic to me because the characters felt real. The book is very well-written, with much beautiful imagery. It took a little time for the story to grow on me, but in the end it held me captive. At first I thought it was [...]

    • The Amado Women is a solid read. It's the type of the book that really delves into the human psyche. It's rich and layered, and because of the nature of that type of work, it starts off a bit slow.I also had some trouble distinguishing the women in the beginning, but later on, their voices really bloomed. I'm grateful that it's a book that doesn't have easy answers, but presents life as the complicated unfolding it really is. Overall, it's a beautiful book about mothers, daughters, and tough dec [...]

    • This was a good read, I actually found myself relating to some of the characters. However, I felt as though it was a bit shallow--there was not much to their back stories. Granted, there were some shocking plot twists, but I also did not really feel as though there was a concrete moral, as it ended abruptly and predictably. Nevertheless, this is something good to get sucked into when you want to unwind and just lose yourself in a story without having to think too much about it later. I'd recomme [...]

    • I've read Desiree's mysteries in ebook format, and was eager to read her novel as a change of pace (and genre).I really enjoyed the book. The story was compelling and the characters beautifully drawn. It was easy to get caught up in their lives and shattered by the twists and turns.Other reviews have given a detailed synopsis of the story and characters, so suffice it to say that I concur with the comments made previously.I look forward to more fiction from this author!

    • I loved the Amado women, the book and the women themselves, especially the feisty Celeste! (I enjoy a Martini every once in a while myself) For anyone who has sisters, or meaningful relationships with women: you will fall in love with and laugh with these bright and brave women!! A fun, heart warming read

    • Zamorano's novel is compelling and engaging. In her portrayal of family life through the eyes of three generations of Amado women, the readers get to learn about each character through family and each one's relationship with each other. There is love and loss, but hope in the end.

    • Read this book in a day -- compelling stories of four women, interwoven in a believable way. Inner dialogues were my favorite part.

    • A very engaging story of three sisters and their mother, matriarch Mercy Amado, struggling with love, frustration and misunderstandings among them. It takes a family crisis for them to realize that love is the bond that both keeps them together and sets them free.

    • The Amado Women, Désireé Zamorano Cinco Puntos Press978-1-935955-73-3$16.95, 234 pgs"So this is what I thought that nightI thought, I will not sleep through my life. I am going to live it awake." - Mercy Amadoforgiveness - synonyms: pardon, absolution, exoneration, remission, dispensation, indulgence, clemency, mercyOur cast:Mercedes (Mercy) Amado – divorced mother of three, grandmother, teacherCeleste Amado – eldest daughter, divorced, investment manager, borderline (?) alcoholicSylvia Am [...]

    • After reading Désirée Zamorano’s The Amado Women, many readers have claimed to have found a new story with women who are more properly, culturally portrayed, an interesting story which offers new commentary on the larger themes of love and loss, family and finding strength in numbers and learning from our past. As I begin to write this review, I find that I must agree with my fellow readers. This story emphasizes beauty and strength; and Zamorano’s portrayal of these women represents, both [...]

    • I really wanted to like this book. In a letter from the publisher, the author says she hopes to expand her readers' view of Latinas beyond the "cholos and maids of a cliche Latino Los Angeles." In the letter, the author adds: "Stories of immigration and oppression are compelling, but they are not our only stories to tell!" I applaud the author for her goal and agree we need a more diverse representation of Latinas in literature and popular culture. In this, I think she succeeded -- her character [...]

    • I looked forward to this novel with great anticipation. When I finally bought it for my Kindle, I read it in two sittings. I did enjoy it. There were places where I thought "this is not realistic" as I was reading it and a few places where I had to scratch my head and wonder why the author did not go into that subject/background. One such place was the storyline that involved physical abuse. This was an opportunity to research and realistically portray why women stay in such relationships and wh [...]

    • The plot of The Amado Women meanders a bit but becomes more cohesive the deeper it goes. This is an emotional ride, a story of a mother and her three adult daughters, each with her own clearly defined personality. Zamorano packs a lot into this slim volume: a near-suicide, adulterous affairs, physical abuse, a sick child, and a deathoh, with a little 9/11 drama tossed in. It seems a bit overwrought at times, but it is so well-written that I fully believed in these women and their life challenges [...]

    • A story about a family coping with secrets and resentments, which is right up my fictional alley. Mercy Amado is pleased about celebrating her sixtieth birthday with her three grown daughters, but she's concerned that none of her girls are as happy in their lives, or with each other, as they might be. And Mercy doesn't even know about the worst of the problems. The narrative rotates among the four Amado women as they face challenges and heartbreak that sometimes bring them together as a family a [...]

    • It took a while for the four main characters to differentiate, but once they did, oh boy! The stories and secrets these women hold are breathtaking and relatable, as their individual situations fluctuate, resolve, and then worsen. Some shocking surprises along the way make this a true "page turner" because by the time the crises heighten, you'll care enough about all four of the Amado women to need to know what happens to them. Although the main characters are Latinas, their joys and sorrows and [...]

    • A family drama. The interwoven stories of a mother, her three adult daughters and secrets that both bind and separate them. This is also a Southern California story, with much of the action occurring in Pasadena. I love stories where place is, itself, a kind of character, and this was definitely true in The Amado Women, where the physical environment heightens tone and tension in a sort of noir-ish way. One of my favorite books this summer!

    • "Helen of Pasadena" this is not. This book surprised me many times. Usually, I can see where things are headed. Not so in the world Zamorano builds here. I appreciated being blindsided, even when it hurt. And this book is full of pain…it drives the action, recklessly, even as the characters try to paint lines on the highway to match and contain the erratic lane-changes.(full review here: booksnotpeople.wordpress/)

    • Story of three sisters and their mom dealing with family/marriage problems. I was hoping this book would be more of a Latina novel. There was very little references to Hispanic culture and the characters were boring. The ending was also depressing. I don't recommend this one.

    • quick read.Heartwarming story.aning of family and tragedy and how it brings all together Would recommend for a quick read on the weekend!

    • Loved this book and it's strong women. Truly a page turner with an original and satisfying conclusion. I want to hear more about this family and what happens next.

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