Death on the Downs

Death on the Downs While out exploring the South Downs of a wealthy town Carole discovers the bones of a human skeleton Jude fears it may be the remains of a young woman who once practiced her alternative therapy It tu

  • Title: Death on the Downs
  • Author: Simon Brett
  • ISBN: 9780425179536
  • Page: 210
  • Format: Hardcover
  • While out exploring the South Downs of a wealthy town, Carole discovers the bones of a human skeleton Jude fears it may be the remains of a young woman who once practiced her alternative therapy It turns out the woman is alive and living with a charismatic New Age healer Now Jude and Carole have two mysteries to solve Why is the woman hiding out And if the skeleton waWhile out exploring the South Downs of a wealthy town, Carole discovers the bones of a human skeleton Jude fears it may be the remains of a young woman who once practiced her alternative therapy It turns out the woman is alive and living with a charismatic New Age healer Now Jude and Carole have two mysteries to solve Why is the woman hiding out And if the skeleton wasn t herswhose was it

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      210 Simon Brett
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      Simon Brett is a prolific British writer of whodunnits He is the son of a Chartered Surveyor and was educated at Dulwich College and Wadham College, Oxford, where he got a first class honours degree in English He then joined the BBC as a trainee and worked for BBC Radio and London Weekend Television, where his work included Hitch Hiker s Guide to the Galaxy and Frank Muir Goes Into After his spells with the media he began devoting most of his time to writing from the late 1970s and is well known for his various series of crime novels He is married with three children and lives in Burpham, near Arundel, West Sussex, England He is the current president of the Detection Club.

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    • I read (well, listened to) this with my mouth hanging open. An amateur sleuth gets her information by simply asking complete strangers personal and intrusive questions and they all reply without so much as a raised eyebrow! And, when a potential murderer (and total stranger) stops her and asks her a load of similar questions, she just responds to his questions without so much as a by your leave. Am I living in a different world?! If a total stranger asked me where I was on the night of whenever [...]

    • Who dunnit? Seems like everyone dunnit. Everyone seems to be guilty of something in this story. You just need to fit the crime to the suspicious character. I am continually surprised how amateur sleuths can just ring someone up and ask if they can come over and talk about the murder and it works! Carole's early attempt at dating ("How interesting!") was amusing. Gawd, have I been there. I once laughed at every single thing some guy said, as if he were some deadpan comic. Anyway, enough of my dy [...]

    • **edited 01/27/14There are some mystery stories that you treat like a puzzle: you guess and deduct and try to figure out who the criminal and motive and method are. And when you get to the end, you either feel incredibly smug or quite foolish, because it all seems obvious in retrospect. And then there are others where it just doesn't matter, because the mystery is just the framing for the story. Simon Brett's books fall into the latter case. All of the Fethering books that I have read follow pre [...]

    • I was initially dismayed to find this audio version of Death on the Downs wasn't narrated by Simon Brett as I enjoy his narration so much and I thought another reader might not convey the story as well or capture the characters in the same way an author can.But I found once I'd got used to it, a different narrator didn't spoil my enjoyment at all and I was soon engrossed in the story as usual.

    • You know you are doing something wrong if the reader is not even interested to find out how the mystery is solved, isn't it?

    • A return engagement to the seaside village of Fethering reveals more about Simon Brett's plans for this series. It seems that the Fethering series will have definite continuity, making it best for readers to follow in order. That is not necessary, but preferable.This tale, oddly enough, only briefly takes place in Fethering. Most of the plot takes place on the downs in nearby Weldisham, where neighbors and (very) amateur sleuths Carole Seddon and Judeuh, we still don't know her last namey to dis [...]

    • This is the 2nd book in Simon Brett's Fethering mysteries, featuring amateur sleuths, Carole Seddon and her neighbour, Jude. I liked this one more than the first; Brett has found his way now that he's got over the introduction phase of the series. The characters are familiar and interesting and the case was also enjoyable. Carole finds a cache of human remains while taking shelter from a walk on the Sussex Downs. This starts an investigation into possible suspects by the two friends, which ultim [...]

    • Another enjoyable "read" by Brett. This is the second in the series. Our heroine, Carol, stumbles upon a bag of bones in a barn on the "downs". Not really sure what downs are. Maybe we don't have them here. Certainly not around Chicago. I think this is a relatively short series, unless he's still writing them. But I got hooked listening to this on one of our first sunny days in a long time. The next thing I know it is evening.

    • Brilliant combination of very gentle story-telling with humour and crime. Another great read from Simon Brett. Occasional minor irritants e.g. when the post arrived with a relevant letter to Tamsin and Jude felt that it was an auspicious moment, and looked at the post, but definitely a strong 3.5 stars, rounded up to a 4 star rating.

    • I knew there was something hinky about that terribly friendly and concerned cop, even if he wasn't actually the killer.This comes of having read far too many mysteries and thrillers in which the gratuitously helpful person with no apparent connection to the central crime turns out to be in it up to their eyeballs.

    • I listened to the audiobook from the library. I like this little mystery series. The two female sleuths are interesting and fun. Not really rocket science; more mindless entertainment. Recommended

    • This was my 2nd "Fethering Mysteries" featuring flamboyant Jude and her somewhat prudish neighbor Carole. Brett has a way of weaving a disparate collection of characters into a tale of guesses and conjecture as to "who done it." Carole finds a bag of human bones while sheltering from the rain while walking the downs with her dog. Jude urges her to find out more about the bones, and the two of them become acquainted with the townspeople. The mother of one suspect dies in a housefire. A young woma [...]

    • This is the third Simon Brett book I have read, and the second involving the two friends (and neighbors) Carole & Jude. I so enjoy his descriptive use of the surroundings, mainly the countryside. The bonus is these two women are amateur detectives, and quickly try their best at solving the latest mystery.

    • Fun, light read, "cosy" mystery although with a fairly nasty scene or two. This is the second in the series, which I picked up in a charoty sh, the strictures of modeen library and bookshop policyhaving swept away anything published as long ago, ahem, as this. Filling a gap for me as I have read some later ones but this is fairly early in Carol and Jude's unlikely partnership. I really enjoy the author's acute observations about the little social details of life in West Sussex, and early 21st ce [...]

    • I am so happy that I stumbled across the series by reading the first one. hear the characters of Carol and Jude are deepend and they are wonderfully interesting. Once again the mystery is also intriguing and I'm liking the developing friendship between Carol and the pub owner Ted.

    • I really like this series. Yes it is a little unbelievable that Carol has such a way of getting complete strangers in small English villages to tell her all sorts of stuff, but that isn't really the point in this kind of mystery. It's more an enjoyable amble through the village and the surrounding area meeting the different people and then peeking into their windows to see what they get up to when no one is looking.

    • Pretty much standard lady sleuth storyline. A nice easy read, nothing too challenging. It only lacks a bit of humour such as you get in the Agatha Raisin books for instance.Its parts of a series - I would read others but wouldnt specially seek them out.

    • I checked out this second of the series called "Fethering" and one further down the road of the 20 existing books featuring Carole, a lady in her early 50's and retired from Home Office. She likes crossword puzzles and working out whodunits. This one has her taking a country walk with her dog in a close-by town when she is forced into a barn to shelter from rain. There she discovers fertilizer bags packed with human bones. It seems good fun for the most part, but I will see how the telling matur [...]

    • Book 2. in this series by Simon Brett, featuring once again, retired Home Office employee, Carole Seddon and her next-door-neighbour, Jude. Incidentally, Carole still does not know Jude's surname and is no closer to knowing a great deal about Jude than she was when they first met. Carole is out for a bit of a hill walk/ramble in the nearby village in Weldisham, when she takes shelter from heavy rain in a derelict barn and discovers two bags of human bones. Now, as lightening is known to strike t [...]

    • Death On the Downs is the 2nd book in the Fethering Series. Am enjoying this series very much. Carole and Jude are recent neighbors and have opposite personalities. Carole is rather uptight and quite proper. Jude whose background we know little about at this point is a free spirit. Carole stumbles upon a skeleton when seeking shelter during a rainstorm in a old barn. She was walking along the downs of Weldisham.That starts the adventure of solving the mystery. Enjoyed the humor of Carole's date [...]

    • This second Feathering mystery finds "proper" Carole, caught in a downpour while walking on the downs. Taking shelter in a dilapidated and deserted old barn, Carole was shocked to find two fertilizer bags of old human bones. Thus, Carole, and her new-age friend, Judy, begin their second quest for discovering who was murdered in Feathering, and which one of their friends or new acquaintances are responsible for the death.Brett has once again populated his book with many unique and quirky characte [...]

    • I'm a fan of Brett's Charles Paris and Mrs Pargeter series so I was expecting more of same with my first entry into the Fethering Mysteries series. By "same" I mean dry wit, twisty mysteries, amusing yet believable (and mostly likable) characters along with direct hits on the absurdities of modern life.The amateur detectives in the Fethering series are Carol, a retired civil servant, and Jude, a new agey sort with a somewhat mysterious past and, occasionally, present. Carol and Jude are nice eno [...]

    • I decided to give this series another chance. I'm still not sure I should have. This book, while being marginally better than the first in the series, is still not a winner for me. The main character is just too hard to love, as she comes across as rigid and prejudice. References are made by her in regards to the lower class trying to live above their "station" in life. I also fell as if the author has a hard time thinking if plausible plot scenarios that would end in his character gleaning the [...]

    • Death on the Downs by Simon Brett.This was one of the earliest Fethering mysteries and in my opinion one of the best.Carole has stumbled into an old decrepit barn when she uncovers bones that appear to be human. The local constable takes the bones in to be analyzed to find exactly who they belonged to by possibly using DNA after finding the age of the bones and who went missing at that time. Soon Carole and her next door neighbor Jude are in another whodunit together gathering clues. The clues k [...]

    • Another adventure from the village of Fethering featuring the odd couple of sleuths, Carol Seddon and her friend, Jude. Carol stumbles on some bones in a barn while sheltering from a storm. She has to try to find out who the bones belonged to and, unfortunately, who murdered the victim. This sets up the amateur detective scenario in which the two friends bumble into the clues and then the solution. The book is charming because of the characters and environment. The mystery is just the vehicle to [...]

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