Broken Elements

Broken Elements Magic murder and mayhem on the shores of Lake Tahoe For Aidan Brook manipulating the power of water is as easy as breathing until the awful night her magic fails with deadly consequences Though Ai

  • Title: Broken Elements
  • Author: Mia Marshall
  • ISBN: 9780988976108
  • Page: 449
  • Format: ebook
  • Magic, murder, and mayhem on the shores of Lake Tahoe.For Aidan Brook, manipulating the power of water is as easy as breathing until the awful night her magic fails, with deadly consequences.Though Aidan tries to outrun her past, the grisly murder of an old friend draws her back to the scene of her crimes In Lake Tahoe, she only finds trouble An estranged best frienMagic, murder, and mayhem on the shores of Lake Tahoe.For Aidan Brook, manipulating the power of water is as easy as breathing until the awful night her magic fails, with deadly consequences.Though Aidan tries to outrun her past, the grisly murder of an old friend draws her back to the scene of her crimes In Lake Tahoe, she only finds trouble An estranged best friend, a dangerously attractive landlord, and a couple of FBI agents are determined to complicate her life and for the first time in years, she doesn t mind a few complications.As the killer grows increasingly fixated on Aidan, her past and present begin to collide To defeat the killer, she must learn to control her power before her broken magic fails her for the final timeOKEN ELEMENTS is the first book in the award winning Elements urban fantasy series.

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    • Mia Marshall

      Mia Marshall is the award winning author of the Elements urban fantasy series Before she started writing about imaginary worlds, she worked as a high school teacher, script supervisor, story editor, legal secretary, and day care worker She has lived all along the US west coast and throughout the UK, where she collected an unnecessary number of degrees in literature, education, and film.These days, she lives in a small house in the Sierra Nevadas, where she is surrounded by a small but deadly feline army.

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    • Broken Elements has a promising start, then it loses its way in the middle before coming back for a strong ending. The beginning and the end are Die Hardbut the middle is 100% Hudson Hawk. There are some good moments in this book, but they were too few and far between and I found myself struggling to finish. It might have even been a 2 Star book if it wasn't for the last 20% which was pretty good.Many thanks to Match Books and Netgalley for providing me with this ARC

    • A cracking mystery with great characters and a fascinating world of elemental magic users. I really enjoyed this. The mystery element was so very strong and compelling. You could get away with calling it Urban Fantasy, but perhaps Paranormal Mystery would also work as it was so centred around that aspect. It had a great cast of characters, awesome magical abilities and some surprises you just won't see coming.The story is presented in the 1st person through Aidan Brook (f), a water Elemental (so [...]

    • I have been suffering a bit from series hangover. I have finished the completed novels of 2 series I really, REALLY loved (Mercy Thompson and Kate Daniels), and have really struggled to find another. And then I found this little gem.I often find myself lukewarm about the first book in a new to me series. After all, the author has to introduce us to new characters and set up new situations and create the world within which we are going to immerse ourselves. This is no easy task. Ms. Marshall, how [...]

    • I received this book for free as part of a giveaway. I will be giving an honest review.Yikes. Well.The book started off strongly. And it had a lot of potential. I grew to love the characters and their dynamics and I'm a sucker for the Ragtag Bunch of Misfits trope. The characters were also looking reasonably diverse. Or at least, more diverse than I'm used to seeing. Vivian is mentioned early on to have dark skin and to have had a girlfriend, but those facts aren't ever brought up again. Sera i [...]

    • Yep, that's right. I'm going for the full 5 stars for this one. There was not one single thing in this book that I didn't like, or had me rolling my eyes, or calling "Bullshit, Mr Han, man!". (special cookies if you get the reference there.)I loved the characters - Aidan, the lead heroine, had spunk, snark and was broken at the same time. Her best friend Seraoh how I wish I was Sera. I like to think I AM Sera, but that's just me MarySue-ing myself, I think. *grin* Sera is a Fire Elemental, and t [...]

    • DNF @ 25%Show don't tell! The dialogue is awkward and way too wordy. Speaking of wordy, the info-dumps are no joke and it comes up around 7% through the book. Example of one of the worst info-dumping nightmare I have ever come across in a long time (gonna put this under a spoiler because it's way too long): (view spoiler)["I turned off the music and began to tell the story. I could almost hear my great-grandmother speaking through my voice. “Magic existed at the dawn of time, and it manifested [...]

    • This is pretty darn good. I hope the next book is just as good or better. *full review to come**update* Also posted over at Lekeisha The BooknerdWasn’t sure what I was expecting from this book. My first time coming across it a couple weeks ago, I immediately started reading after I downloaded it. There are little things that irked me, but not enough to turn me off completely from the story. The writing, world building, and characters are all very well set up.In the beginning, with Aidan being [...]

    • Broken Elements had a lot of biases to overcome with me. I’ve always maintained that I don’t like first person PoV, I don’t like urban fantasy (I prefer to have my fantasy in a totally made up world, not my own), and I am not a huge fan of shifters. Broken Elements has all three. So, when I say this ended up being a really enjoyable read, you know the writer must have done something right.First of all, it’s a very polished, professional product. I know that sounds odd when talking about [...]

    • (Source: I received a digital copy of this book for free on a read-to-review basis. Thanks to author Mia Marshall and Netgalley.)Aidan is 65, but she looks like she’s in her twenties. A semi-powerful Water Elemental, Aidan has the ability to control water, but she’s not as powerful as her full-blooded-Water Elemental mom.10 years ago Aidan and her best friend Sera investigated a series of murders in which people were killed by an Ice Elemental who froze their hearts. It didn’t end well, an [...]

    • check Books Are My Drug for more reviews.My review copy was a free eARC provided by Red Queen Press through Netgalley.I told you you’d get something different after the last two, didn’t I? Here it is. Broken Elements is a short-but-fun Urban Fantasy. I found it entertaining but forgettable.There’s nothing really that special about Broken Elements – it follows a lot of the same trails that have been marked out by other writers. Even the writing is familiar. I’m not sure if it’s just t [...]

    • Review for the wife:She enjoyed it, but didn't really love it. She said she wanted a more complex story, and she mainly kept reading it for the dialogue, and because it was easy to follow along with.She said she had one substantial problem with the plot, part of the way through. (That section is hidden below, due to mild spoilers)(view spoiler)[She said some of the non-elementals(law enforcement) took the elementals' word about the division of elemental powers(each of us can only use one element [...]

    • Aidan Brook has been hiding from the world for ten years, happily living in the middle of nowhere and not intending to change that any time soon, when her ex best friend, Sera, turns up on her doorstep with bad news. Those murders that happened all those years ago that made you run away? Well, they seem to be happening again. Aidan reluctantly joins Sera and returns to the scene of the murders, hoping to find who is responsible and put a stop to it for good, as she thought they had long ago. On [...]

    • I loved this story! First off, the hidden world of the Elementals and the Shifters is just amazing. I do wish there was more information about the old ones and the beginnings of their kind and perhaps some time spent on the island, but what was told certainly sufficed for a great start. I imagine there will be more information to come. I guess there isn't a whole lot of time to visit the past when you are trying to solve murders! I had suspected both Brian and Vivian at one point As they explain [...]

    • It was a good read, a solid novel with an original magic system. I liked the characters, 3-dimensional and contradictory, but the story itself didn’t engage me 100%. It worked in waves: an emotionally-charged wave, when the characters struggle and suffer, and I turned the pages avidly, followed by a bland wave, when they sit around, chat about nothing, and drink booze. The protagonist Aidan looks like a human girl but she is a half-blood elemental – half a magical being of water and half of [...]

    • (I got this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.)3.5 stars. "Broken Elements" reads fast and with ease. While elemental powers are nothing new in itself, they were woven into the story in a seamless way that made sense.I really liked the relationship between Aidan and Sera, and their interactions that were sometimes bumpy, but always speaking of their underlying affection for each other. The downside was maybe that compared to these two, the other characters seemed a little flat [...]

    • This is more of a 3.5 star, but I'm rounding up because I liked it more than a lot of my 3 star reviews, especially for being the first book in a series. Some of the books I've read recently seem to lack aspects that engage you in the storyline itself. This author did a good job with researching locales and, in this book, technologies, which is always a plus if you want to keep me interested.I enjoyed the locations in the book because I grew up around the areas that the book takes place in. I al [...]

    • I was given this book in exchange off a fair review. This is a really good book. The heroine, Aidan, is an Elemental, a race of magical beings that can command one of the elements ( earth, wind, fire and ice). Aidan is a water Elemental, and a powerful one that has had some issues with her magic. She gets pulled back into a murder mystery with her former best friend Sera ( a fire Elemental) when a serial killer from their college days is back. The two are joined by more Elementals and a few shap [...]

    • This was one of the best stories I've read in quite a while. I ended up reading it cover to cover in a matter of five hours because I just couldn't put it down. The writing is excellent, and the storytelling is phenomenal. I love how Mia combines a contemporary setting with this compelling fantasy story line and a mystery all at once. The way the information is weaved throughout the story so that we slowly learn more and more about the world and culture of the elementals is truly masterful. I am [...]

    • I received Broken Elements as a Good reads first read. Thank you. I you enjoy paranormal stories about witches and shape shifters, you will love this story. The main characters are not exactly witches, they are elementals. Elementals are beings that can control a particular element due to family heritage. During their younger days two elementals help eliminate a threat to all elementals. Or so they thought. Now the danger is back and the two girls must reunite for a second attempt to solve the m [...]

    • At first I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of writing. But then after a few awkward phrases and overly-complicated similes, the wordplay took on a trying-too-hard quality.Still, I found the premise engaging. I didn't even mind the massive info dump in the first chapter. (Okay, I minded a little.) But I probably would've barreled my way past the inconsistent prose had it not been for the coarse language. Not only had I encountered three "F" words by page twelve, the umpteen references to [...]

    • This is a fun and well-written urban fantasy-ish book with some unique elements--and I mean that in more than one way--that make it worth your time, even if you think you've seen it all.The best part of this book is definitely the characterization--there's a water elemental who has trouble getting in touch with her feelings, a fire elemental with an attitude, and a well done were-housecat--but I also enjoyed the world building and the action sequences.I will disclose that this was written by a f [...]

    • I read an ARC of this (which is always fun). And how exciting to read urban fantasy that finds a unique approach to the genre - I liked the idea of the elementals, and that it was expanded beyond the traditional earth, water, fire, because it opened up possibilities and created a great world. Plus, no vampires, which I am really over for real this time. The characters and the dialogue were great, so no surprise that I liked the books, since that's my favourite part, usually. I was a bit unconvin [...]

    • I thought this was a pretty good book, it's definitely got a lot of mystery with a touch of paranormal. I wasn't really a fan of Aiden, she was too stuck on the past. I just didn't feel like she had a lot of personality, she was more reserved. The mystery and crime within the book help to make up for it though. I enjoyed how all the little details came together in the end. You'd get little clues here and there, and not get them at first, but as it progresses everything comes together. This is de [...]

    • It reads as a good old-fashioned murder mystery. The protaganist and crime just happens to be paranormal. The writting is excellent. The dialogue is funny and fresh. I reallly enjoyed reading it.*As per the rules, I'm noting that I did win a signed copy here on . On a personal note, Ms. Marshall contacted me personally to make sure I got the book and to check if I liked it. Her kindness, should be noted, but did not influence my review.

    • I haven't read much urban fantasy in recent months and reading this book reminded me of how much I love that genre. I enjoyed the heck out of this story! It's a smooth read, and the characters are intensely likable and easy to connect with. I could have used more romance - a LOT more! - but the groundwork has been laid and I am crossing all my fingers there will be more more Aidan/Mac action in the next book.which I am starting RIGHT NOW ;)

    • *Note: I recieved a copy of this book from the author on a R2R basis (LOP)*Oh my gosh! I loved this book! The world building wasn't brilliant but it also wasn't bad. The plot was definitely interesting and had me gripped. I really want to read more of this plot though. Also, the characters were well thought out and were fairly understandable. (Trying not to spoil anything in this review! That's why my review of this book is short)

    • I'm not really a genre reader, if you ignore my somewhat unseemly addiction to Noir and books of the scandiwegian crime novel persuasion, so I've never read urban fantasy. This might be changing now. I loved Broken Elements and read it in that justrege way over the course of an evening. I thoroughly recommend it and I'm keenly waiting for the next book to come out.

    • This was my first dip into the urban fantasy genre, and I really enjoyed it. You always know the world-building's been well-done when you find yourself wondering which elemental you'd like to beInteresting characters with complicated relationships, plus a solid mystery, made this a fun, quick read. Now to wait for the next book in the series!

    • This was so much fun. Though I suspected the killer early on, the mystery was good; the world was intriguing; and the characters were fantastic. Love the relationships and sense of camaraderie amongst this group of friends. And I totally appreciated the focus on friendship between the two best friends - our heroine, Aidan, and her BFF, Sera. I will definitely read the next in the series!

    • I loved this book. It's the first fiction novel I'd read in a while and it pulled me in. Fantasy, good mystery, and interesting characters, great pacing and descriptive language. Not to mention it takes place near Lake Tahoe and it's written by a NaNoWriMo participant! Can't wait to read book #2 in the series.

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