Insolent He needs her powers Bael Bloodborn will go down in history as the lone Viking berserker who held Stamford Bridge against the Saxons killing hundreds with his own ax Mortally wounded he s carried dow

  • Title: Insolent
  • Author: Kerrigan Byrne
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  • Page: 363
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  • He needs her powers Bael Bloodborn will go down in history as the lone Viking berserker who held Stamford Bridge against the Saxons, killing hundreds with his own ax Mortally wounded, he s carried downriver to a witch who has the power to heal not just his body, but awaken wicked desires he d thought long dead First, he ll have to forgive her for binding her to him agaiHe needs her powers Bael Bloodborn will go down in history as the lone Viking berserker who held Stamford Bridge against the Saxons, killing hundreds with his own ax Mortally wounded, he s carried downriver to a witch who has the power to heal not just his body, but awaken wicked desires he d thought long dead First, he ll have to forgive her for binding her to him against his will with a kiss that would not only change the course of their destiny, but that of the entire world She needs his protection All Druid Princess, Morgana de Moray, knows is the angry Nordic berserker she pulled from the river is the only man who can free her from Saxon captivity and get her back to the Highlands A dark evil threatens her home, and she must gain back Bael s broken trust if she is to make it in time Morgana is left with no choice but to strike a deadly bargain with the dangerous warrior, and risk all to unleash the beast from within the man without losing her heart, or her life Join the de Moray Druids as they each find a love that will be worth defying the forces of evil and risking their souls to save our world.

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    • Insolent by Kerrigan Byrne
      363 Kerrigan Byrne
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      If you re anything like me, the best night is one spent with a brawny highlander, a mysterious werewolf, a conflicted vampire, or a hot headed Irishman My stories span the spectrum of romantic fiction from historical, to paranormal, to romantic suspense But I can always promise my readers one thing memorable and sexy Celtic heroes who are guaranteed to heat your blood before they steal your heart Lose yourself in the enchanted Celtic Isles, you never know who, or what, will find you

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    • (3.25 Stars)I really do love Kerrigan Byrne, but this wasn't a fave. Still dug the characters, but something about how quickly our heroine started throwing around flowery words of love in her internal narrations didn't ring true. With stories on the short side I'm ok with MC's falling in love by the end, but not as soon as it happened here.But, I'm rather *heart eyes* for Byrne's Berserkers and will continue this series as I do quite enjoy her writing. ☺(Would still LURVE to see some Berserker [...]

    • As usual a wonderful (but much too short) novelette!Wonderful tone of voice! Wonderful characters, wonderful story!I love, love how the men of Ms. Kerrigan's short historicals are made! How they fall in love in the middle of those brutal times, where killings are bloody and where life is cheap.I also love the heroines and here we have a really great one: Morgana! I liked that she was not afraid even when facing death. She's accepted Beal since the beginning and loved his beast!I'm loking forward [...]

    • Insolent is a bit different from Byrne's other Berserker series because our hero absolutely does not want to have a mate. He wants to die, he's tired of living his life and being a monster. He's also I think the oldest Berserker that's been mentioned so far, as well as being a viking,so that puts a spin on things. Reading this as a new series and forgetting about Byrnes other berserker stories, I really enjoyed it. I thought the mixing of different types of mythology was really cool. Reading abo [...]

    • My review contains spoilers and they're mostly my thoughts as I went with the book for more, visit Punya ReviewsI’ve always enjoyed Kerrigan Byrne’s Highlander Historical novellas. So it was no surprise that I was elated to find another installment in the series, with another new sub-series too. Insolent is book 1 in The Moray Druids series, with a bunch of new characters that I don’t recall from the previous installments. To top it off, our sexy hero Bael was a berserker. YaY me!!When we [...]

    • I will begin this review by stating I'm a huge fangirl of Kerrigan's writing and prior books. Primarily because she has some of the best character development ever in a shorter books I've come across. This is a quick short read but full of suspense, heart stopping moments and sex! This is the time of the Druids, three in particular which will make up the three stories in this collection. Each is a stand alone, HEA but continues with a larger story into the next short story until all thr [...]

    • I loved this story!!! Bael so badly wanted to die, to be gone from this earth, that I immediately fell for him. He is everything you expect in Kerrigan Byrne's berserkers. He was complicated and torn, and I loved how the beast bonded with the witch with their first "somewhat" kiss. Almost fairytale like if Disney ever did adult fairytales. Beautifully written prose, with witty dialogue and characters that will stay with you for a long time, Insolent is a must have for any library. I can't wait t [...]

    • I just love Byrne's berserker's! I'm a big fan and this new story did not disappoint. Bael Bloodborn was born a berserker. His life consists of killing and fighting for his life. He's tired and after spending decades alone all he dreams of is the end. I just love going into the world Byrne has created for us. So much passion I hate leaving. Byrne's writing is so beautiful. "He looked at her, at the most intimate part of her body, with the eyes of a demon and the reverence of a saint." I can't wa [...]

    • Kerrigan Byrne has become one of my favorite authors. Every novel she writes is better than the last! She never disappoints! I could not put this one down! I will definitely be re-reading this one soon!However, I have one complaint I read them too quickly, lol!

    • I give this book 5 stars!Kerrigan Byrne has delivered a story that has kept me sitting on the edge of my seat and I am still wanting more. I could not put this book down long, I mean I didn't even want to go to the bathroom! I was so engrossed in this, I read it so quickly and was actually depressed when it was over. Kerrigan has some of the best character development I have ever seen. By the time the book is ending you know everything you need to know about a character. She make's sure that the [...]

    • review is from: Insolent: The Moray Druids #1 (Highland Historical) (Kindle Edition)Bael is one of the fiercest Beserkers known. Now his Jarl determined sends Bael to stand against the Saxons with his thirsty ax, to take the bridge and win him the day. Bael knows that this is a battle he can't win. Which fills him with a fierce joy to finally win the death that will release him from this world .A world where he has known loneliness that he will not acknowledge, where he thought to find love only [...]

    • The Moray Druids #1 is a quick short read but full of heart stopping moments. suspense and mind blowing sex!!!!This story takes place in the time of the Druids.Morgana, Druid Princess, is determined to save her land, family and the world.Bael, a Berserker, is done with his life, he has been used, and feels he has never been loved or accepted.Morgana however, needs him to help her get home and completely messes up his plans of finally find peace in death. .When Bael, realizes Morgana needs him, h [...]

    • A lot of authors write historical romance. Many are about medieval Vikings. But, only one gives us Berserkers. I’m totally addicted to these crazed killing machines. Blood and guts one minute, and then steamy sensuality the next.Baelsar (Bael) Bloodborn cares little about the world after the women in his past betrayed him. He’s determined to turn his back on Morgana, a beautiful temptress with powers of her own. The beast inside him can’t resist their mate and Bael is forced to go along fo [...]

    • Bael is a Viking berserker, injured in battle and happy to be dying. Morgana is an empathic, water element druid, who heals him and inadvertently mates with him. Bael is very upset that he is mated again. He had a mate in the past that rejected him, so of course the same is true for Morgana. This was uber short with a lot of fighting and magic flying around. In berserker form, Bael does not speak and cherishes Morgana. In human form, Bael is angry and accuses Morgana of rape. Morgana feels sorry [...]

    • Novella or must read! Kerrigan Byrne had done it again with Insolent! You've got a water Druid that's locked in a battle against three 'witches' trying to bring about the apocalypse and a berserker, a man that transforms into a beast that's only satisfied by bloodletting, put them together and you've got a story! The druid tames the beast first and eventually the man followsbut the story is in the process of the taming!!! The scenery is awesome as is the interaction between the character [...]

    • I loved this book!! It was powerful, tender, magical, and left me breathless!! Bael, a Viking Berserker, and Morgana, an Autumn Druid with a power of the water element, are an unlikely couple. But, she see's a gentler side to him. He wants to die and be free of the fighting and bloodshed with the Saxons. Can Morgana save him from himself?? Together, can they fight the evil that threatens the world?? If History class in high school had been this interesting and exhilarating, I would've paid more [...]

    • I very much enjoyed this book. A very great start to this series. Bael is a Berserker, alone without the touch of flesh until Morgana a druid, saves his life and binds herself to him. Angry that she has done so instead of letting him die he makes a bargain with her to get her home where her brother the King can allow him his honorable death and his passage to Valhalla. But on their journey will Bael succumb to their mating and be accepted or have the King extinguish his life?

    • What can I say? I LOVE Kerrigan Byrne's berserkers!!!! She gives them angst and power and sexy. And while they are bloodthirsty warriors, they have this gentle side that you can't help but fall in love with and root for. I love Bael and Morgana and how she just wouldn't give up on him even when he wanted to give up on himself.I wish their story was a bit longer. I got so sucked into the Wyrd sisters and the drama and the love between berserker and druidI just didn't want it to end!

    • 3.25 stars - start of the series but I can already tell it will not be as good as the pervious one. The Hero wanted to die, tired of life, did NOT want a mate (had one before who hated him) and the heroine had somewhat loose morals. Just not characters I felt endeared to. However, I am interested in the story. Just an okay start to the series.

    • Another captivating book from Kerrigan Byrne. A short but tantalizing tale of love and suspense. I always love her characters and how in depth she can get with their emotions in such a short time period. She always leaves me wanting more in the next book! haha. :)

    • The BEST Berserker book ever! A must have for any Highlander Romance Lover. FULL REVIEW O FOLLOW

    • Loved it! Absolutely one of the best beserker books I've read (not that I've read many, but this one is a favorite already) looking forward to more :)

    • Minor SPOILERS in review!!!I didn't hate it as much as Rory and Katriona's book but I certainly didn't love it either. The only thing I liked in this book was the storyline and the other characters. Bael completely ruined the book for me, and I deemed him unworthy of Morgana. He didn't deserve her and she should have just allowed him to die as he initially wanted. He was ungrateful, weak, and a pitiful character who spent the whole book feeling sorry for himself when he should have embraced his [...]

    • Love Kerrigan Byrne's Berserkers!! Each and every story is fresh and original. Bael Bloodborn, lonesome bastard for hire only knew a lifetime of lonesomeness.He thought his only salvation would be Valhalla~ Little did he know that he could have his salvation with out his life forfeited.Morgana de Moray (the Autumn Druid) had no idea resuscitating this giant warrior would bind them together for eternity, her only thoughts were of get back to her family and saving the world. Priorities! Bael's bea [...]

    • These Highland Historicals are the best cure for a humdrum day. You get a full novel in a novella length. You can get your drama, love, action and your HEA in just a couple of hours. I don't know how Kerrigan Byrne does it??!! If you have read any of the other Highland Historicals you can expect more of the same type of story with new and exciting characters in Insolent. Morgana is the tender-hearted Druid who saves Bael's life. In doing so, she is linked to him. And she needs his strength to, w [...]

    • In the process of trying to return to her home Morgan runs across a bloody battle where one single giant of a man is cutting down men like their tall weeds with an axe. As she watches from the treeline she sees him fall into the water and runs to find him. She uses her water magic to heal him because she needs a protector for her return journey. She's an empath and can feel the pain of his Beast , his a Celtic Berserker!, and the loneliness in it's soul. Through a dangerous trip home she finds h [...]

    • I have a new favorite author! I loved this story, and look forward to reading the rest of this series.This book quickly grabbed my attention and kept me turning the pages. I didn't want the story to end. There's plenty of edge-of-your seat action, romance, sensuality and more. I enjoyed watching how the Bael in Berserker form was so tender and caring with Morgana, then see the opposite with Bael. It was magical watching the tow come together.I'm looking forward to seeing what happens with the ot [...]

    • Good but not great.The tales of the MacLaughlan brothers Unleashed: A Highland Historical Trilogy (Highland Historical, #1-3) series are my favorite romance stories so far and this fell short of the standard set by those. It was not bad and there were fun elements but the context wasn't laid out as well, even though the characters have the potential to be some of the most interesting yet by the author. I hope she finds her stride in the sequels.

    • I have become a fan of this author because of her rich characters and attention to detail for the setting of her stories. These characters blew me away from the start. I was sucked in by both of them at the start.his acceptance of his impending death and her condemnation of men in general and their brutal tendencies. Of course both of them soften on that stance and it's an awesome ride on that journey when they get together. Thank you Kerrigan for another terrific story that should be the start [...]

    • I was excited to see that Kerrigan Byrne wrote another Highland supernatural trilogy. I have enjoyed the first book, just as much as I have enjoyed the others. While in general, I find novellas short and lacking detail, I don't find that with her writing.

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