A Deceptive Homecoming

A Deceptive Homecoming Traveling secretary Hattie Davish is returning to her once quiet hometown where a deluge of deadly secrets leaves her feeling anything but welcome When her good friend Virginia Hayward s father passe

  • Title: A Deceptive Homecoming
  • Author: Anna Loan-Wilsey
  • ISBN: 9781617737268
  • Page: 241
  • Format: Paperback
  • Traveling secretary Hattie Davish is returning to her once quiet hometown, where a deluge of deadly secrets leaves her feeling anything but welcome When her good friend Virginia Hayward s father passes away, Hattie Davish rushes to her hometown of St Joseph, Missouri She s looking forward to visiting the place where she grew up, even if the circumstances bringing her tTraveling secretary Hattie Davish is returning to her once quiet hometown, where a deluge of deadly secrets leaves her feeling anything but welcome When her good friend Virginia Hayward s father passes away, Hattie Davish rushes to her hometown of St Joseph, Missouri She s looking forward to visiting the place where she grew up, even if the circumstances bringing her there are bleak But upon her arrival, she learns that all is not well in St Joe Virginia is cold and distant, Frank Hayward s death is shrouded in mystery, and a string of troubling incidents have descended on Hattie s alma mater, Mrs Chaplin s School for Women Frank was the school s bookkeeper, and as Hattie begins investigating the bizarre goings on, she becomes convinced that someone other than Frank was in the casket but who Her search for the truth takes her from the town cemetery, to the home of an infamous outlaw, to the dungeon like tunnels beneath the State Lunatic Asylum and brings her face to face with a killer bent on the deadliest lesson of all

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    • Anna Loan-Wilsey

      As a biologist and a librarian, Anna Loan Wilsey tracked down mysteries every day Now as the author of the historical, cozy Hattie Davish Mysteries Series, she enjoys creating them Anna combines her love of history and travel by sending her crime solving Victorian private secretary to a different historic town in each book A Lack of Temperance,an 1 Historical Mystery bestseller, Anything But Civil a Christmas mystery , A Sense of Entitlement which hit 1 in iBooks Historical Mystery and A Deceptive Homecoming Anna lived in New York, Texas, Finland and Canada before settling down in a Victorian farmhouse near Ames, Iowa with her inquisitive six year old, her old yellow dog and her very funny, very patient husband She is an active member of Sisters in Crime and Mystery Writers of America One of Anna s favorite aspects of writing is connecting with readers via her website annaloanwilsey or on Facebook facebook annaloanwilseyauthor or on Twitter twitter annaloanwilsey

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    • I really liked this little cozy mystery. It had a lot of things going on in this story. Embezzlement, arson, malpractice, murder, burglary and lies. There were many suspects and it just wasn't one person doing it all. This was my first Hattie Davish book and I would definitely be up for reading more of them. They take place in the late 1800's, which is one of my favorite times to read about. I would definitely recommend this book to any reader who likes cozy mysteries. Thanks to the publisher an [...]

    • The fourth entry into the Hattie Davish Mystery series is one of the best reads I've had all year. No one does historical mystery fiction better than Anna Loan-Wilsey. She is simply superb at the research behind the books and masterful at folding it into brilliantly written stories with characters and descriptions that bring the 1890s alive for readers. And, the mid-1890s was a fascinating period in the history of the United States, a time of innovation and progress on the cusp of a new century. [...]

    • Review: A DECEPTIVE HOMECOMING [Hattie Davish Mystery #4]A heartwarming yet intriguing historical cozy mystery, A DECEPTIVE HOMECOMING is lovingly crafted and accurately detailed, exploring late 19th century St. Joseph, Missouri, and its environs. Hattie Davish returns to her home town of St. Joseph in a flurry, upon receipt of notice of the funeral of her mentor. On arrival, the deceased' s daughter makes it abundantly clear that Hattie's presence is neither desirable nor amenable. Then Hattie [...]

    • Readers of Mystery and Historical Fiction are in for a delightful treat with the new release of Anna Loan-Wilsey's A Deceptive Homecoming. This follows three previous novels about a secretary named Hattie Davish who works for Sir Arthur who secures positions for her. She has previously solved three murders and, finally, takes a trip back to her home town of St. Joseph, Missouri to give solace to her best friend whose father died. Hattie is a meticulous person who has an interest in plants that s [...]

    • This is my favorite so far - because it gave us SO much history on Hattie. I loved having some of my questions answered. We've had little tidbits offered about Hattie's past in the earlier books, but when Hattie returns to her hometown of St. Joseph, Missouri for the funeral of a friend's father, we get to learn so much about Hattie. Hattie is very, very busy in this book with one mystery after another appearing, and Hattie just cannot stay out of any of it. Although I missed Walter as much as H [...]

    • In coming home to the town she grew up in, Hattie Davish has very personal stakes in events that become more and more puzzling with each passing day, so that the once familiar St. Joseph, Missouri, doesn't feel like home at all anymore. Mistaken identity, mysterious goings-on at the girls' school Hattie attended years ago, and several treks to the local lunatic asylum make this a mystery of many layers and twists, with lots of tense moments. This is a story that will keep you guessing and keep y [...]

    • I received a complimentary copy of this book as a part of a book tour for a fair and honest review. A historical mystery set during the Gilded Age, A Deceptive Homecoming by Anna Loan-Wilsey is the fourth installment in her Hattie Davish Mystery series. A well-developed female sleuth, colorful secondary characters, a good mystery and plenty of action kept me turning the pages to discover what would happen next. If you like a strong heroine, a good mystery and learning about social behavior in Am [...]

    • A Deceptive Homecoming by Anna Loan-Wilsey is the fourth book in the Hattie Davish Mystery series. Hattie Davish has returned to her home town of St. Joseph, Missouri for the funeral of her best friend’s father. Virginia “Ginny” Hayward and Hattie went to school together at Mrs. Chaplin’s School for Women. Hattie was devastated when she lost her father and wanted to be there for Ginny. Hattie is a traveling secretary to Sir Arthur Windom-Greene and will return to Newport, Rhode Island af [...]

    • A Deceptive Homecoming is the fourth book in the Hattie Davish Mystery series, and it will delight fans of both historical fiction and historical mysteries. Hattie is a traveling secretary who journeys home to St. Joseph, Missouri, when she learns of her childhood friend Virginia’s father’s death. Sadly, she finds it is sometimes difficult to return home, and the town and people have changed. Hattie becomes convinced that Frank Haywood is not the disfigured man on display in his coffin, but [...]

    • A Deceptive Homecoming is a well written, historical mystery by Anna Loan-Wilsey, and part of a series in which a secretary, Hattie Davish, finds herself drawn into solving crimes. Each book in the series is complete and without cliffhangers. She receives a newspaper clipping in the mail regarding the death of her best friend's father, and hastens to return to her hometown town, St.Jo, Missouri, to attend the funeral. As she goes to the coffin to pay her respects, she is shocked to discover the [...]

    • Dollycas’s ThoughtsIn this 4th installment we travel back to St. Joseph, Missouri and the school Hattie Davish attended, Mrs. Chaplin’s School for Women. She was their star pupil and gave her the training she needed to become a personal secretary. Her studies have also helped her become quite a amateur detective too.There was plenty of deception going on throughout the entire book. Hattie’s homecoming turned out very different from anything she ever imagined. Virginia was her best friend. [...]

    • I didn't like it as much as I hoped to, but it was fine just the same. I typically don't enjoy historical mysteries with female leads, because I feel they somehow project a modern attitude while simultaneously being upright to the point of being stuffy. This book does not suffer these problems, in Hattie I didn't find any projection. Neither did I find her too upright, she knows her faults even if she doesn't address them.I didn't wholly like her though. My apathy towards Hattie came because of [...]

    • Hattie Davish is a travelling secretary in the 1890s whose work takes her from place to place. In each locale, she encounters murders and mysteries and she cleverly uses her amateur sleuthing skills to unravel each one. In A Deceptive Homecoming, Hattie returns to her hometown of St. Joseph, MO, drawn there by the report of the death of the father of her closest childhood friend’s. As she has done in three previous Hattie Davish mysteries, Anna Loan-Wilsey brings together engaging story-tellin [...]

    • The author definitely gives us a lead character unlike any other the women we read/know about during her time. Independent Hattie Davish is more than capable of taking care of herself than most women of this era. When her friend’s father dies, Hattie returns to her home town of St. Joseph, Missouri to comfort her best friend. At the funeral home, Hattie discovers her friend’s father is not the friend’s father she remembers, but learns he has been in a terrible, disfiguring accident, which [...]

    • Taking place a short time after A Sense of Entitlement, A Deceptive Homecoming follows traveling typist (and amateur sleuth) Hattie Davish returning to her home of St. Joseph, Missouri, after receiving a notice of the death Mr. Haywood, father of her best friend, Virginia Haywood, from an anonymous sender. Of course, Hattie hurries to the funeral, where her friend is both surprised and upset that Hattie has come; in fact, she treats Hattie very coldly for most of the book, I'm sad to say. Howeve [...]

    • This is the 4th book in the Hattie Davish mystery series. The first one that I have read. It had a few mysteries that Hattie figures out. Lots of suspects, lot of history. Charming story Hattie Davish is a private secretary. She has solved a few murders in the past. Hattie is now alone in the world. We see her going back reliving her memories of her family and at school. Her typewriter is important to her.Hattie has some back home to her hometown of St. Joseph, Missouri, for her friend, Virginia [...]

    • This is a great series and this installment is just as intriguing as the other ones. This time, Hattie travels back to her hometown for the funeral of her best friend's father. However, once she gets there she questions if that is really him in the casket. This puts her friend, Virginia, into a tailspin and she lashes out at Hattie. Top this with strange happenings at Mrs. Chapin's School for Women and Hattie is thrown head first into another mystery.Had you asked me 15 years ago to read a histo [...]

    • I enjoy historical fiction with strong female characters, and the author certainly gives us that here. Unlike many women of her time, Hattie Davish is independent and more than capable of taking care of herself. She's forceful without being brazen, often pushing the boundaries slightly beyond what is expected of polite, society women. The plot involves several mysteries that tie together. In her pursuit to find answers to one thing, Hattie inadvertently raises more questions and uncovers long ke [...]

    • Although I had not read any other books in this series I enjoyed this one set in the late nineteenth (early twentieth?) century. Hattie Davish has come home to St. Joseph, Missouri to attend the funeral of her best friend's father. Hattie has made a life as an excellent secretary working in Newport, RI and apparently has a love interest there as well although he is not a major part of this book. As soon as she attends the funeral things start to seem not right -- her friend Ginny does not seem h [...]

    • Loan-Wilsey's best book yet!The fourth book in the Hattie Davish cozy mystery series. This story takes place in St. Joseph, MO (Hattie's hometown) where Hattie returns to to attend her best friends father's funeral, but once in St. Joe and at the funeral home, Hattie realizes it isn't Mr. Hayward in the casket.There were many twists, and the plot of the book was great; embezzlement, arson, malpractice, murder, burglary and lies! I didn't want to put it down at night, but work calls in the mornin [...]

    • Great Book!This is a great book; this is the fourth book in the Hattie Davish Mystery series by Anna Loan-Wilsey. This book can be read as a standalone since it has a different story. Hattie Davish is a traveling secretary, when her good friend Virginia’s father passes away Hattie rushes home to be with her friend. She is looking forward to visiting her hometown again, but things are not the same. The longer Hattie is there she realize that Virginia’s father’s death has some mystery. This [...]

    • I finished A Deceptive Homecoming before my pre-work nap Wednesday evening. I couldn't bring myself to sleep until it was done and it was SO worth losing sleep over! So many of the questions that I have had about Hattie's background were finally answered and, as an added bonus, one of the new characters shares my last name. It's almost as though I was so destined to be a fan that Anna Loan-Wilsey named a character for me before even knowing that I exist. I'm fairly certain that the reason why tr [...]

    • The fourth Hattie Davish mystery is an absolutely delightful book. Readers of historical fiction and mystery will love this addition to the series. When the father of an old friend dies, Hattie travels to her old hometown of St. Joseph Missouri to attend the funeral. There she meets her old friend and former colleagues and instructors from her secretarial college alma mater. The funeral, however, raises more questions that it answers. As Hattie walks the streets of her old hometown, the author p [...]

    • Author Anna Loan-Wilsey does not disappoint with her fourth historical mystery featuring amateur sleuth Hattie Davish. Set in St. Joseph, Missouri, in the 19th century, the story illustrates the details and voice of a time and place. Because St. Joseph is only one hour from my home, I was especially delighted with all the references imbedded in the story, the creepiest of which was the State Lunatic Asylum (now a museum). Ms. Loan-Wilsey graciously offered to speak to my writers group, the Maryv [...]

    • A new author for me and the fourth book in the series. I had no trouble following Hattie Davish as she returns home for the funeral of her best friend's Father. It will bring back unfavourable memories of her own Father's Death. There are problems at the school she attended and an old boy friends makes an appearance. Will Hattie finally be able put her own Father's death behind her as she endeavours to help her friend with mysteries surrounding the death of her friend's Father. There are many tu [...]

    • This is the first in the Hattie Davish Mysteries that I have read. I will definitely be rectifying this and reading the other books in the series. I am a big history fan and find it hard reading some mysteries that are not factual. This book was a very pleasant surprise. I loved how the author was so descriptive in not only scenery but characters and their feelings. Sometimes it is hard to imagine being in the past while reading but this author was spot on in all of her writing. If you are looki [...]

    • I have not read any of the previous books in this series, but this fourth book is entertaining and exciting. There is all kinds of action to be found: embezzlement, arson, malpractice, murder, burglary and lies. The list of suspects is lengthy, and the perpetrators are numerous.The author has done plenty of research on the era, and it shows in her writing. I'm not always a fan of historical fiction, but this is a major exception. The characters are well-written, and the settings are amazingly de [...]

    • This was a new to me author and book. I was not disappointed. I have not read the other books in this series but I will after this read. The setting is in the 1890's which is a time I enjoy reading about. This book had so much going on and not from just one person like some others out there. The reader can find embezzlement, arson, malpractice, murder, burglary and lies.The readers will fall in love with this author as she knows her stuff. She will be added to my favorite Cozy author list. You w [...]

    • I have loved this entire series, Hattie Davish is such a likable sleuth. But this book, 'A Deceptive Homecoming' had so many twists and turns, it kept me riveted. Hattie finally solves all of the mysteries that are happening in her home town of St Joseph, Missouri, in true Hattie Davish style. The author puts so much research into her stories for the time period, and the description are so real that I feel like I am transported back in time. This is the fourth in a series and I really hope the a [...]

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