Ascendance: Dave vs. the Monsters

Ascendance Dave vs the Monsters For fans of Jim Butcher and Kevin Hearne comes an exhilarating new urban fantasy series featuring monster slayer Dave Hooper and his magical splitting maul Kids there are no monsters under the bed Th

  • Title: Ascendance: Dave vs. the Monsters
  • Author: John Birmingham
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 194
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • For fans of Jim Butcher and Kevin Hearne comes an exhilarating new urban fantasy series featuring monster slayer Dave Hooper and his magical splitting maul Kids, there are no monsters under the bed They re in the front yard As a hardworking monster slayer, Dave Hooper tries not to bring his work home with him But nowadays it s hard to keep them separate Email, cellpFor fans of Jim Butcher and Kevin Hearne comes an exhilarating new urban fantasy series featuring monster slayer Dave Hooper and his magical splitting maul Kids, there are no monsters under the bed They re in the front yard As a hardworking monster slayer, Dave Hooper tries not to bring his work home with him But nowadays it s hard to keep them separate Email, cellphones, empath daemons, they never let a guy rest The Horde has been raising hell and leveling cities from New York to Los Angeles, keeping Dave and his fellow monster killer, Russian spy Karin Varatschevsky, very busy But when the legions of hell invade the small seaside town his boys call home, Dave has to make a call Save the world Or save his family Not as easy a choice as you d think, since Dave s ex wife expects to be saved too And there s no convincing her that the supersexy Russian spy isn t his girlfriend She s just his sidekick and an assassin.

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      John Birmingham grew up in Ipswich, Queensland and was educated at St Edmunds Christian Brother s College in Ipswich and the University of Queensland in Brisbane His only stint of full time employment was as a researcher at the Defence Department After this he returned to Queensland to study law but he did not complete his legal studies, choosing instead to pursue a career as a writer He currently lives in Brisbane.While a law student he was one of the last people arrested under the state s Anti Street March legislation Birmingham was convicted of displaying a sheet of paper with the words Free Speech written on it in very small type The local newspaper carried a photograph of him being frogmarched off to a waiting police paddy wagon.Birmingham has a degree in international relations.

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    • Review copySometimes it's OK to jump into a series without reading the books from the beginning, other times it not such a good idea. If you decide to check out Dave vs. the Monsters: Ascendance I strongly recommend starting at the beginning with Emergence and then reading Resistance. There were times, particularly at the beginning, where I had no idea what was happening. That I blame on myself for jumping in mid-steam.Combine a Lovecraftian horror novel with an acid trip from the seventies and [...]

    • The final novel to feature rig engineer turned superhero monster slayer Dave Cooper, Ascendance picks up right where Resistance left off.Super Dave, newly teamed with the katana wielding Russian spy Karen Warat (aka Colonel Ekatarina Varatchevsky), is in New York. Dismissing Trinder, they race to defend areas of the city under siege but are nearly overwhelmed as the Hunn continue boiling up from the underworld realm. The powers that be soon realise that the Horde is using Professor Compton's the [...]

    • I liked the first book but beginning with the second book Dave Hooper became less and lessi don't knowkeable I understand he's a huge douchebag but u was waiting and kinda hoping he'd be redeemed by the "end" but alas not so much. if there and up being more books to this series which seems as though there will be then I'll most likely read the cribnotes version.

    • ‘The monsters are back. They’re here. In the city.’Don’t make the same mistake as I did. Start with ‘Emergence’ and then read ‘Resistance’ before tackling ‘Ascendance’. Dave Hooper’s world may not necessarily make more sense, but it will be a lot more fun to be part of. And it’s important to know just how Dave Hooper, an American oil rig worker, became a hero.‘Is this daemon bothering you, ma’am?’Now that you’ve read the first two books, you’ll be happy to know [...]

    • I am a huge fan of this series. It is a completely different direction of urban fantasy than some of my other favorites, like Dresden and The Nightside books, but thats what I like so much. The main character, Dave Hooper, has more in common with Sandman Slim than Harry Dresden, while not quite crossing the line to anti-hero. In this book, the third in the series, the monsters/demons, are finally using the knowledge stolen from the scientist they captured earlier, who know how to strategically a [...]

    • 2.5 stars. John Birmingham returns to the world of Dave Hooper, exploring what would happen if a working class Trump voter got superpowers, and a invasion of demons from the underworld with apon which to expend them. The tale picks up right after the conclusion of volume #2, with Dave and Russian spy Karin Varatchevsky calling a truce on account of the problem that what with their super strength and all, they cannot kill or subdue each other, so they might as well join forces against the monster [...]

    • Good funEnjoyable romp with blood, death and monsters. Dave is still a toddler but is developing well as a character and a human. The idea are good and I'm waiting for the next one.

    • Excellent.Action cover to cover. We get more Dave and Karen and see some new champions. Dave sees more personal growth beaten to it by Karen's empathic strengths.

    • [Review originally appeared on SFRevu at: sfrevu/php/Review-id.p]John Birmingham's escapist Dave vs. the Monsters trilogy reaches its conclusion with Ascendance, an action packed book that rarely slows down. Dave Hooper, our exuberant, super-heroic, rednecky champion, continues to protect America from the creatures of the UnderRealms.Joining Dave in his fight is Russian spy Karen Warat, aka Karin Varatchevsky--who brings more experience and perspective to the whole monster fighting business and [...]

    • Received via NetGalley and Penguin Random House/Del Rey in exchange for an completely unbiased review.Also posted on Silk & SerifIt took me awhile to get through book three of the Dave Hooper trilogy. I've never been much for military fiction so I think that perhaps the amount of fighting scenes in Ascendance might have slowed me down. It's not that Ascendance wasn't very good or that I disliked it, in fact I still loved it, but I found the beginning fighting scenes that take up a good 40% o [...]

    • As with the first two books in this trilogy, this book (and series) is great if you like hilarity, fantasy, a smidge of horror, and plenty of pop culture references to normalise things.This series was probably the most enjoyable, most readable thing I've read in the last decade.The series is based in the USA, but John himself is Australian. To my mind (being also from Oz) John's writing voice is very Australian, and this gives a more universal spin to the people and places in the story.The only [...]

    • For me the Dave books have gone from 4 stars for Emergence to 2 stars for Resistance now back to 4 stars for Ascendance. (Ratings are one star lower for each book on because of star designations.) Whew, what a swing. Not fun for me in the general sense because I don’t do well on roller-coaster rides. After being so disappointed with the second book I had a strong talk with myself to be sure I approached this third book with an open mind. Right away it was obvious that this was not going to be [...]

    • Loved it. So much excitement and humour. I just love this series. It never fails to engage me nad make me laugh.

    • FantasticThe action was non stop. I couldn't put the book down. The addition of New champions was a nice surprise.Keep up the good work.

    • same review as Book 1 and 2: Emergence: Dave vs. the Monsters, Dave vs. the Monsters: Ascendance cause really it's a "continued where the other left off" ----I stumbled over this series while poking around on one day. I liked @JohnBirmingham's other books (Axis of Time), so I thought I'd give this a try, despite the reviews here.I'm glad I did.I really enjoyed these book(s). I see what the other (negative) reviewers are complaining about, but it just wasn't an issue for me. The book hits quite [...]

    • Dave is the most unsuited hero possible. A drunk and man whore he is getting divorced and will spend every dime he makes on hookers and booze before giving anything to ex-wife and two young boys. Dave knows he is worthless but even knowing it doesn't make him do anything different. The one thing Dave is good at is his job. He is safety manager on an oil rig. Returning to the rig after a weekend bender he stumbles into a chaotic madhouse. Demons have been released into the world by the drill. The [...]

    • Ascendance jumps right in to the action, continuing right where Resistance ended. Groups of the Horde are attacking all over the world, and Dave and his reluctant ally Karen are in the middle of an attack in New York City. Any readers disappointed with the amount of action in Book 2 will have a lot to be excited about in this one, as the first half is an almost nonstop battle. The choices Dave has made come back to haunt him in Ascendance and he is also forced to face his own prejudices and shor [...]

    • for full review go to: wp/p5Q4Dh-uADave plays a “grown up” much better in this book than the last, which I am happy to see. So many times in the past books, I’ve just wanted to punch Dave’s lights out. He steps up responsibility and even recognizes that everything does not revolve around “Super” Dave. Professor Boylan is absent from this episode, which saddens me. We could have used some comic relief after witnessing the massacre of so many humans and monsters. I will tell you that D [...]

    • I received this ARC for free from the publisher, Random House Publishing Group - Del Rey Spectra, through NetGalley in exchange for a review.Dave Hooper, Monster Slayer and otherwise bad-ass, is back in his third book of demons coming out to take over the world. The demon attacks have become more abundant, and there is only the one man, Dave, to do it all or is there? The Russian spy, Karen, we met in the last book, we have found out is just as powerful as Dave, so maybe there are more? Dave he [...]

    • This is the 3rd novel in the Dave Hooper series, and brings the first trilogy to an end, although the story is clearly not finished. Birmingham wrote these first 3 books at pretty much the same time, but there doesn't seem to be any date yet for a continuation of the series.This book continues the story of the invasion by the forces of Hell, although this is a extra-dimensional Hell, rather than a religious one. This continues in much the same vein as the two previous books in the series, lots o [...]

    • More ridiculous than a Matthew Reilly potboiler. More deliberate borrowings from pop culture than you can poke a stick at. A protagonist who's a "think with his small head" macho doofus? A hot Russian co-protagonist wielding a magic katana? Tentacled, armored, priapic monsters from a Hell dimension? A hot heroine (kind of) modeled on Rosamund Pike? A supporting cast straight from GI Jane?What more could you ask for?John Birmingham's Dave vs. The Monsters series is about as silly and overblown as [...]

    • Super Dave is still gamely fighting the monsters & gains some depth in this book. He's an ass & his new partner has the moxie to make sure he doesn't get away with too much. She also makes him look at himself more, something he's needed to do for about 20 years. The man-boy is starting to grow up, a little, anyway. The cast of characters is both expanding & shrinking a little, all to the good. In among the gore & action, there's some good thoughts about just how fragile our civil [...]

    • John Birmingham has made a fascinating, black humor, 'what if' dark fantasy trilogy with the Hooper-verse. No individual element is all that creative, but the combination of all the disparate elements really is unique, and incredibly entertaining. The idea of an intelligent demonic insurgency is a fascinating idea. The two anti-heroes in Karin and Dave (who is still a world class douchebag) make an awesome pair. its a book of a lot of good moments as well. The genius demon bro continues to be hi [...]

    • For those that have been gritting they're teeth through the bad boyness in this series, there is hope. While slow in forth coming, it's nice to see that Birmingham is willing to change his character, but in such a manner it's realistic. It was really great how he wrote Dave in this book and I liked it that you could like Varatschevsky. While annoying, I'm glad she's a character you can still like, even though she does come off quite bitchy. However, Birmingham balances between the two which is n [...]

    • In Ascendance: Dave vs. the Monsters (paper from Del Rey) Dave has to learn to work with Karin who can somehow read his mind. The problem is that the professor Compton who rubbed Dave the wrong way was captured and his brains absorbed by an empath demon. The Demons, with their medieval weapons may not be able to fight a human army, but Compton has war-gamed ways for them to destroy civilization. There's an exciting finish at Dave's ex-wife's home. More books are coming in this exciting series. R [...]

    • Well I thought this was conclude the trilogy but this proves to be another action packed kickass episode following the events of book 2. The revelation that Dave isnt the only one with powers and there are other people better equipped to handle the power they get makes it a chastening experience for Dave. Also now that the Horde has human intelligence, they change their tactics to make it hurt the most forcing Dave and the others into a tight spot. There is a bit of character development for Dav [...]

    • I was sceptical when I first heard about this series. Dragons & monsters against 21st Century military tech? No contest, right? Well, Birmingham found a way to make it a contest. The monsters aren't entirely stupid, especially after Threshy ingests a few useful human brains and gains their thinkings, and the hand a serious fight on their hands. Dave is a dick, patiently supported by a cast of great characters (Heath, Ashbury, Igor & Zach). And Threshy Threshy's awesome.

    • I am glad this series (I think) is over. This one was full of blood, gore, death, destruction and eating. Dave and his superhero colleague Karen Warat fight the underworld demons in New York before a final showdown.Compt'n Threshy creates havoc with his language and tactics. Birmingham has a go at the USA and what would happen if the war they bought to Afghanistan was bought to the streets of New York.

    • I have to say, this novel took a bit longer to 'get into' than the previous two in the series. But once we were up to speed, it was great. I particularly liked the psychoanalysis of Dave, as I think I was starting to like him a bit too much. So it was good to be brought back to the Dave = asshole equation.Hopefully there will be a book 4 in the series

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