Campaign in Russia: The Waffen SS on the Eastern Front

Campaign in Russia The Waffen SS on the Eastern Front Book by Degrelle Leon

  • Title: Campaign in Russia: The Waffen SS on the Eastern Front
  • Author: Leon Degrelle
  • ISBN: 9780939484188
  • Page: 426
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Book by Degrelle, Leon

    • Campaign in Russia: The Waffen SS on the Eastern Front BY Leon Degrelle
      426 Leon Degrelle
    • thumbnail Title: Campaign in Russia: The Waffen SS on the Eastern Front BY Leon Degrelle
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    About “Leon Degrelle

    • Leon Degrelle

      Walloon politician, founder of the Walloon Autorian Catholic movement Rex and volunteer of the Waffen SSDegrelle was active as a journalist in Spain and rumours are that the comic strip character Tin Tin was based on Degrelle Tin Tin resembled Degrelle in appearance and in an early comic he was holding a newspaper, with the same name Degrelle had worked for Degrelle was also active in the Belgian Catholic Party of which he splitoff in 1935 when he formed the Rex movement After Belgium was defeated by Germany, Degrelle joined the Wehrmacht In 1943 he and all the other Wallonians were transferred to the Waffen SS The Wallonian Waffen SS fought at the Eastern front.After the war Degrell fled to Spain and was the head publisher for the group C rculo Espa ol de Amigos de Europa Degrelle died in 1994 in a Spanish hospital.

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    • Доволі цікаві воєнні мемуари. Попри належність автора до одної із сторін, він намагається бути об’єктивним, не перетворюючи свій текст у пропаганду. На жаль, довелось читати в російському перекладі, тож було забавно спостерігати, як у вступному слові перекладач щиро обурю [...]

    • Degrelle is a perplexing character. On the one hand, it's hard to doubt his leadership ability and bravery, reading the accounts of endless battles of his Walloon volunteers battling against impossible odds. However when an autobiographer continually portrays himself as the fearless hero of every event recounted, you have to wonder.Also perplexing is the fact that Leon Degretlle remains unapologetically pro-Nazi, going so far as to call Adolf Hitler a genius, and telling the story of the time Hi [...]

    • Excellent war story. Degrelle doesn't go into politics much in this book. I'm glad that he didn't because it would have taken away from the experience. Think of this as Das Boot on land. And good luck finding a copy!

    • This was the first war bio that I've read since my early teens. I'm obviously not an usual fan of the genre, and I just bought the book for my research into the Catholic "volunteers for Hitler" phenomena.Degrelle was no ordinary Catholic, no ordinary Nazi, and certainly no ordinary soldier. He was a very complex individual, and of his several often incompatible personas, I think I know which one was the dominant, after reading this magnificent epic. But I will keep that opinion for myself He ros [...]

    • Well written book. Degrelle has a knack for describing the settings of the fighting. First being part of the Heer and then being transferred to the Waffen SS, Degrelle started his German Military career as a simple soldier and climbed the ranks all the way to Commander of the Walloon SS Legion. He is considered the most decorated non German combatant of WWII in the German army. He met Hitler twice on the occasion of his decorations. The book needs to be read with a degree of skepticism, as he of [...]

    • Ik moet zeggen dat dit boek me van begin tot het einde geboeid heeft. De lijdensweg, de verbetenheid van onze Oostfronters gezien door de ogen van Léon Degrelle.De eindeloze steppe in hartje Rusland, de koude siberische winters, Enkel halfweg 't boek had ik 't effe gehad. Maar vanaf de Slag om de Oder, de laatste dagen van 't rijk opnieuw dat hectische Wat me daarenboven is bijgebleven, is het feit dat ie niet uit de hoogte doet over z'n onderscheidingen, ook z'n politieke ideeën laat ie ach [...]

    • Very good and largelu unbiased even though it may seem otherwise given the general perception of these men.I had the honor of meeting Mr Degrelle in the 70's and the book certainly reflects the person.

    • Great account of Belgians during WW 2 on the Eastern Front as remembered by Leon DeGrelle. Especially about the Cherkassy pocket.

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