The Bounty Mutiny

The Bounty Mutiny The names William Bligh Fletcher Christian and the Bounty have excited the popular imagination for than two hundred years The story of this famous mutiny has many beginnings and many endings but the

  • Title: The Bounty Mutiny
  • Author: William Bligh Edward Christian Robert D. Madison
  • ISBN: 9780140439168
  • Page: 381
  • Format: Paperback
  • The names William Bligh, Fletcher Christian, and the Bounty have excited the popular imagination for than two hundred years The story of this famous mutiny has many beginnings and many endings but they all intersect on an April morning in 1789 near the island known today as Tonga That morning, William Bligh and eighteen surly seamen were expelled from the Bounty andThe names William Bligh, Fletcher Christian, and the Bounty have excited the popular imagination for than two hundred years The story of this famous mutiny has many beginnings and many endings but they all intersect on an April morning in 1789 near the island known today as Tonga That morning, William Bligh and eighteen surly seamen were expelled from the Bounty and began what would be the greatest open boat voyage in history, sailing some 4,000 miles to safety in Timor The mutineers led by Fletcher Christian sailed off into a mystery that has never been entirely resolved.While the full story of what drove the men to revolt or what really transpired during the struggle may never be known, Penguin Classics has brought together for the first time in one volume all the relevant texts and documents related to a drama that has fascinated generations Here is the full text of Bligh s Narrative of the Mutiny, the minutes of the court proceedings gathered by Edward Christian in an effort to clear his brother s name, and the highly polemic correspondence between Bligh and Christian all amplified by Robert Madison s illuminating Introduction and rich selection of subsequent Bounty narratives.For than seventy years, Penguin has been the leading publisher of classic literature in the English speaking world With than 1,700 titles, Penguin Classics represents a global bookshelf of the best works throughout history and across genres and disciplines Readers trust the series to provide authoritative texts enhanced by introductions and notes by distinguished scholars and contemporary authors, as well as up to date translations by award winning translators.

    • The Bounty Mutiny By William Bligh Edward Christian Robert D. Madison
      381 William Bligh Edward Christian Robert D. Madison
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    • William Bligh Edward Christian Robert D. Madison

      Vice Admiral of the Blue William Bligh, FRS, RN was an officer of the British Royal Navy and a colonial administrator A historic mutiny occurred during his command of HMS Bounty in 1789 Bligh and his loyal men made a remarkable voyage to Timor, 3,618 nautical miles 6,701 km 4,164 mi , after being set adrift in the Bounty s launch by the mutineers Fifteen years after the Bounty mutiny, he was appointed Governor of New South Wales in Australia, with orders to clean up the corrupt rum trade of the New South Wales Corps, resulting in the so called Rum Rebellion.

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    • It had been a long time since I watched the Hollywood version of Mutiny on the Bounty, not the new one but the old one with a young Clark Gable and Charles Laughton in the lead roles of Mr. Christian and Captain Bligh. I know this movie left with the definite impression that Bligh deserved and caused the mutiny of his crew. So why not give the man a chance to defend his reign as Captain of his ship.First, this is a diary, and as such can get bogged down in daily entries of longitude and latitude [...]

    • وليم بلي كان أحد البحارة المميزين لدرجة إن جيمس كوك أخده معه في آخر رحلاته للمحيط الهادي و اطلق اسمه على مجموعة من الجزر تكريما ليهكانت مهمته على السفينه بونتي بإختصار هي إحضار مجموعة من شجر الخبز من جزر تاهيتيليزرعوه ف المستعمرات الكاريبية و تستخدم كغذاء للعبيد لكن لطول ال [...]

    • الكتاب جميل للكتاب ده بالذات قصة طويلة معايا أول مرّه شوف الكتاب وقرأت فيه كنت فى ثلاثة ثانوى كنت كل يوم أثناء الـ(الفسحة) بروح المكتبة اقضى ال15 دقيقة بتوع الفسحة فى المكتبة أقرأ الكتاب كنت فى صفحة 160 على ما أتذكر كل يوم أقرأ فى الكتاب شوية قبل ما الفسحة تخلص وفى يوم روحت ال [...]

    • While not as entertaining as any of the movies based on this book, "The Bounty Mutiny" is still an engaging read. From captain's logs to court transcription to a mutineer's journal, the whole story is slowly revealed from every perspective. I wished for more details from Pitcairn Island where some of the mutineers wound up and less details from the court transcript, but when you are dealing with surviving documents you take what you can get.Now I am definitely interested in seeing the movie adap [...]

    • This was another book on my "to read list." I did quite like it. There was one funny thing about the book, in the old Bogart movie, the captain was angry about the loss of his strawberries. In the book it was coconuts.I did enjoy the book. I loved hearing about the Pacific islands and their people and learning about the English navy.I learned to love or hate the people in the book, just as the author intended. I would recommend the book if you have not read it.

    • عندما يكتب شخصا ما عن "رحلة شاقة للبقاء على قيد الحياة" فبالتأكيد كل ما سيفعله هو ان يقول لك:"أنا من أنقذ حياة الجميع! أنا أعظم انسان في الكون! لولاي لمات الجنس البشري بأكمله و لانفجرت الشمس و اندثرت درب التبانة بأكملها!!"هذا هو ما يفعله الكابتن بلاي تماما في كتابه هذا يقدم ملخص [...]

    • رواية متميّزة جداً، خصوصاً لكونها تتمحور حول قصَّة واقعية، عندما أمسكتها عجزت عن إفلاتها لدقيقةٍ واحدةٍ حتى أنهيتها بالكامل. هي ليست رواية بمعنى الكلمة، بل أشبه بكتاب مذكّرات، فهي لا تتناول أي أوصافٍ معينة أو أفكاراً فلسفية، بل مجرَّد سرد بسيط لأحداث التمرُّد يوماً بيوم، ل [...]

    • I couldn't resist the urge to pick up the story of one of the most famous mutiny's in human history as told from the perspective of the captain. It is at once a bitter memoir and a microcosm of all of Europe's fears of the abuse of power and the terror of anarchy. An extremely slow read for something that should be so compelling, Bligh's insight into the situation makes it compelling enough to finish if you can power through the extremely dry first chunk.

    • I had seen the movies and heard about this event, but what I had never heard was the rest of the story where captain Bligh and half his crew are put on a whaling boat and put to sea. Through his amazing skill they made a 3600 mile trip in that small boat to a safe port.

    • The version I read was the narrative of Capt. Bligh's journey back to civilization with a small crew of loyalists after the mutany. This was essentially the logs Bligh compiled during that harrowing voyage, besting cold, rain, difficult seas, starvation, and the sometimes aggressive native peoples of the South Pacific. Very dry and impersonal, this would have been a fantastic read had I been sailing in some of the areas described, seeing and living the lands and seas as the survivors of the muta [...]

    • "You HAVE to read this book", my sister said. So I started reading it. OMG! So boring. Turns out there are more than one Mutiny on the Bounty. I was supposed to read the Nordhoff/Hall classic. But, being a Bounty virgin, I thought the one by Captajn Bligh would be the classic. So wrong. I guess I'll figure this as background info and out the correct version on my to-read list.

    • A bit dry with a lot of nautical measurements. Seems like Captain Bligh was on a very different voyage from every other account of the mutiny on the Bounty. I can respect his point of view but by his words the mutiny was a complete and total surprise and without any justification at all.

    • Being marginally familiar with the Hollywood version, I decided to pick this up to acquaint myself with the real story of the mutiny; the captain's miraculous escape to civilization and the eventual fate of the mutineers and their descendants on Pitcairn Island. I have been kind of fascinated with these tales of 18th century castaways ever since I found out that among seven families residing on another such forbidding island (Tristan Da Cunha) are the descendants of shipwrecked sailors from Geno [...]

    • Not terribly exciting, but it's the first person account from Lt Bligh chronologically related. I now have some fodder for small talk. Who knew that the purpose of the Bounty's voyage was to transport fruit trees?

    • Actually written during the 3,600 mile, 47-day voyage from the scene of the mutiny to the island of Timor. Someone somewhere has called this "the greatest feat of open-boat navigation in history."He did it without maps or astronomical tables, using a quadrant, a compass, and considerable dead (ded) reckoning. He made five day's rations last 47 days and had enough left for plan B, going on to Java. He lost one man to an attack of natives on Tofua, but brought the other 18 through without further [...]

    • Listened to the unabridged version of this book on Audible.It took me only a few minutes into my listen to realize that there was something awry with the way this novel was written. It sounded very much like a long, dry, dusty account of a rather routine expedition, commissioned by King George, to gather breadfruit trees for the empire. I then realized that that is EXACTLY what this book was. It wasn't a novel at all, but a nonfiction! Who knew?Narrated by the Captain William Bligh himself, the [...]

    • A great collection of original documents about the Mutiny on the Bounty. Together they tell as good a sea yarn as any novel, complete with a Rashomon-like quality as two parties to the mutiny see everything in precisely opposite ways -- while agreeing on fragments of key details. There is some repetition, especially in some of the transcripts from the trial and testimonial letters on the character of Captain Bligh. This repetition, however, contributes to an almost biblical quality to the text a [...]

    • هو كتاب يحكي قصة حقيقية وقعت سنة 1789 يحكيها قبطان السفينة على لسانه وهي عبارة عن مذكراته التي كان يكتبها ذهبت هذه السفينة من بريطانيا إلى جزر البحار الجنوبية لكي يحضروا شتلات من شجر الخبز ليتم زراعتها ببريطانيا المهم ولعدم الاطالة عند وصولهم إلى جزر البحار الجنوبية قام عدد م [...]

    • بالتأكيد لن يكون ويليام بلاي محايداً عندما يكتب في مذكراته عن التمرد الذي اندلع على سفينته كما أن المحكمة البحرية في لندن لم تحكم لصالح المتمردين ضد قبطان كان يوماً ما يعمل ضابطاً تحت إمرة جيمس كوك,, لكن ما لا شك فيه أن ويليام بلاي كان قائداً رائعاً خاصة في تعامله مع محنته الت [...]

    • Unsurprisingly, a rather dry, self-serving account--though more by omission than outright deception. There are passages that capture the imagination: Bligh's descriptions of Tahitian society are thorough and, if culturally blinkered, more tolerant and appreciative of certain aspects than I would have thought; the chronicle of the castoff crew sailing to Timor is immediate and often riveting. Even the obsessive recording of latitudes and weather patterns, the shapes of coastlines viewed from afar [...]

    • Relatório "quase" oficial, em que o senhor secretário do almirantado manifesta muita simpatia por alguns dos revoltosos -os amnistiados. Interessante.Dá ideia que este episódio só ficou famoso porque o capitão Bligh (o alvo da revolta se safou miraculosamente com mais 18 marinheiros num batem onde os revoltosos o colocaram do meio do pacífico até Timor) e o navio PANDORA (enviado para averiguar o que se passara e apanhar os revoltosos) se afundou. O principal revoltoso foi Fletcher Chris [...]

    • حياة البحر تختلف عن الحياه علي البر . أكيد ان تكون قبطانا مسئول عن طاقم سفينتك يجعلك في غايه القسوه لتنجو بطاقمك .ثورة علي السفينه بونتي ل وليام بلاي فهي ليس رواية بالفهوم المتداول ولكنها من دفتر مذكراته الشخصيه عن العصيان الذي تم علي سفينته بونتي اثناء ابحاره بالقرب من جزر ت [...]

    • This Bligh's own account of the Mutiny on the Bounty, and very different from the romaticized version that has been promoted by Hollywood. The book is essentially a log of the trip to Tahiti, the mutiny, and the voyage back to civilization in the cutter.Commentary by the editors idicate that the Hollywood version is not a good accounting ofthe MUtiny. Bligh may have been a martinet, but Fletcher Christian and the others were not wholesome idealists. also overlooked by the Hollywoodization of the [...]

    • I really liked this book because it was pretty easy to follow and was very interesting. The grammar was easy to follow, they did not use a lot of big and long words that were hard to understand. Betrayal at Sea! This book was based on a true story that happened long ago. Captain William Bligh, recorded one f the most famous and largest mutinies on record. His crew led by Fletcher Christian forced William off the boat into a small dingy with some of his first mate. Join william as he tryies to fi [...]

    • The most fascinating thing about this story is that it's true. Captain Bligh's 4,000 mile trip in a crowded, 23-foot boat (with only one casualty) was really impressive. The appendices, which are by far the most intriguing, tell what the mutineers did after they took control of the ship and what happened once they got to Otaheite (now Tahiti). The natives revolt, the slaves revolt, then the women revolt: Lots of conflict and violence involving mauls, axes, guns, and shovels. John Adams, the only [...]

    • Unfairly maligned, Bligh was a badass- his post-mutiny voyage is nothing short of miraculous."We bore away across a sea, where the navigation is but little known, in a small boat, twenty-three feet long, from stern to stern, deep laden with eighteen men; without a chard, and nothing but my own recollection and general knowledge of the situation of places, assisted by a book of latitudes to guide us."Bligh led his companions- losing only one to a violent attack on Tofua- more than 3,600 nautical [...]

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