EMBRACE THE WIND: An Historical Novel of the American West (Aislynn's Story Book 2)

EMBRACE THE WIND An Historical Novel of the American West Aislynn s Story Book NEW RELEASE EMBRACE THE WIND continues the story of Aislynn Maher heroine of FAR AWAY HOME an bestseller for four years in the categories of Historical Fiction US and Romance Western What is the cos

  • Title: EMBRACE THE WIND: An Historical Novel of the American West (Aislynn's Story Book 2)
  • Author: Susan Denning
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  • Page: 129
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • NEW RELEASE EMBRACE THE WIND continues the story of Aislynn Maher, heroine of FAR AWAY HOME, an bestseller for four years in the categories of Historical Fiction US and Romance Western What is the cost of living life on your own terms For a young woman on the American Frontier, the price can be high Aislynn Maher trusted the wrong man To conceal her disgrace,NEW RELEASE EMBRACE THE WIND continues the story of Aislynn Maher, heroine of FAR AWAY HOME, an bestseller for four years in the categories of Historical Fiction US and Romance Western What is the cost of living life on your own terms For a young woman on the American Frontier, the price can be high Aislynn Maher trusted the wrong man To conceal her disgrace, she abandons her job, her home, her family and friends She turns to the raw, contentious US marshal of the Wyoming Territory, Orrin Sage, who is hiding a guilty secret of his own Setting out alone, Aislynn brings her optimism and determination to Cheyenne But in this rough town, with its prejudice, violence and lawlessness, it s not just difficult to do what you believe is right it s potentially deadly This unlikely love story details real triumphs and tragedies from frontier women s letters, diaries and newspapers of the day, and places Aislynn in the center of their history EMBRACE THE WIND illuminates an intimate picture of the American frontier the story of the women who changed the West and helped forge the freedoms we enjoy today.

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      Following graduation from college, I worked in three different mayoral administrations for City of New York My jobs primarily focused on equal rights and women s issues In 1979, I was instrumental in starting the nation s first Sexual Harassment Prevention and Complaint Program In the early 80s, I produced a radio show on women s issues When I left the City of New York, I counseled abused women and taught political science and history.In 2011, I published the novel FAR AWAY HOME, about a young woman who left New York City in 1868 to start a new life in Utah Up to that time, most of my writing focused on professional journals and texts When I ventured into fiction, I wrote short stories One received honorable mention in a NOW short story contest and was published in Creative Woman.The novel began as a chapter for a history book I conducted my research in the American west for three years I even drove a covered wagon check out the Youtube video at susandenningauthor When the history book project dissolved, I used my research to form an historical novel.As a self published, unknown author, I never imagined anyone would read FAR AWAY HOME But tens of thousands of readers did Tantor Media notice its success and released the audiobook version in August 2015 To my great surprise, many requested the next chapter of Aislynn s story The sequel, EMBRACE THE WIND, debuted in March 2017 Both books are available at amzn 2dPQE9cFAR AWAY HOME and the sequel, EMBRACE THE WIND, are popular book club reads Book club questions are available on my webpage susandenningauthor I am also available to Skype into book club meetings Write to me at farawayhomenlp gmail with your request.

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    • Lots of interesting historyThis is a great women's history read about the pioneer days in Cheyenne, Wyoming in the late 1880's. The thing that struck me more than any other was the idea that women were more property owned by men than human. Just another form of slavery in many cases. The hardness of these pioneer women's lives is overwhelmingly apparent. I came across a book in the 1970's, 'Wisconsin Death Trip,' that this story brought to mind again as it is a collection of newspaper stories an [...]

    • A piece of historyI especially liked the way history and fiction are combined. I wanted the story go on and on. I have always been fascinated by the way women were so strong in the 1800's despite the hardships.

    • I didn’t know how much I had to learn about the history of women’s rights in America! This is an interesting window into the myriad challenges for women as the West became a part of the US, told through the experiences of one determined woman as she carves out a life for herself. And it’s unfortunately timely as we prepare to fight for those rights yet again.

    • I really liked this book i hope to find more of her books i loved The setting loved the hero sage one of the good guys a good plot and a great story as well

    • Embrace the Wind: An Historical Novel of the American West (Aislynn’s Story Book 2) is by Susan Denning. This second book in the series is not quite as engaging as the first book, although it is good. It lacks some of the spontaneity that Aislynn shows in the first book. This book covers from 1870-1875. Aislynn Maher has returned to Cheyenne, Wyoming. This was the place she and Johnny had purchased a wagon and set off with a wagon train. Now she was alone but carrying a child. She was using he [...]

    • I loved this book even more than the first one, which I really liked very much. The historical events of women's role in the early pioneer days and how it differed from Territory to Territory and state to state because of the very real circumstances was fascinating. I loved the historical context of the story and as someone deep into genealogy, with ancestors who also helped open the west, I could really get a sense of the physical and spiritual struggle just to survive. The reality of the relat [...]

    • Aislynn, having lost her husband puts her trust in a man who immediately lets her down. She runs to the only other person she knows she can trust, leaving behind her everyone that she knows and loves. Life is hard for women of the frontier but with Orrin Sage’s help Aislynn forges a life for herself and makes friends in the unfriendly Wild West.I loved this book and its predecessor. I became emotionally invested in the strong female lead, Aislynn, quickly and followed her journey on the edge o [...]

    • The book I have been looking for!Too often, in historical fiction, the author tells a story without paying attention to wether it fits the time period he/she has selected. This book is better than that, and closer to being literature than many of others I have read. Denning paints a tangible scene, and the reader can almost see, hear, and smell the scenes. Wyoming is dawning with revolutionary ideas; universal suffrage as means to eliminate lawlessness. Austin, our heroine, is determined, hard w [...]

    • A pleasure to read,my pleasure.I have just finished "Embrace The Wind",the second and final book in the two book saga . After reading the review of the story,I was willing to dive in. Starting in New York City ,the author introduces us to Aislynn the main character,as well as other well defined people who make up a cast of streaming lives. The writerSeamlessly goes with the story from one act to another like a play.It flowed along at a good pace,about the time I began to tire of A situation,our [...]

    • History told through the life of a young woman, in the American West. All the way through this book, we are reminded of the sacrifices women have made in American History. The women in this era were tough, they had to be. They were abused, over worked and many died in childbirth. I remember a commercial that said, You've Come A Long Way Baby, and women definitely have. I Love Orrin Sage, he was a Frontiersman that was raised rough but recognized a Lady that would eventually change his life. I bo [...]

    • Womens rightsThis is the second and hopefully not the last in the series. Read them in order and become more aware of history. This book shows a true lady and how she adopts and overcomes hurdles she faces. It also shows the modern depths the state went thru and makes you wonder why the rest of the country had taken so long to catch up. Aislynns story is one women of all ages will enjoy and one that should prove and person, man, women, child, race or ethnic origin is created equal in God's eyes [...]

    • EMBRACE THE WIND BRINGS TO LIFE THE 1870's IN CHEYENNE, WOMING This was my first book by Susan Denning, and when I first got to reading it, I felt that I wasn't going to enjoy it. After a day or so, I decided to give Embrace the Wind another look. I'm so glad that I had a chance to get to know the colorful and lovable characters of this book. After really getting into the story of Aislynn and Sage, I had a hard time getting to bed before 1:00 a.m.

    • Good story, interesting subjectI enjoyed this book and also the first story about Aislynn. The time period covered is one of my interests. My only negative comment is that the author uses entirely too many unnecessary commas, though she did improve on that by the end of the book.

    • How the west was won!Through hardship and faith our heroine Aislynn struggled for independence and created a loving family In Utah as a proprietors of a restaurant and a widow who succumbed to the excitement of a rebel and moving to Wyoming to start a new, and of course he knight in corroded armor stood by her side.

    • A good book on a independent young woman I truly enjoyed this book. I feel the first book in the series, Far Away Home, was more detailed. This novel continued in the series. It was more predictable, with less surprises and twists, yet a very good novel. I consider it a page turner.

    • Excellent I liked the historical facts. I recommend this book to high school and college history students because it gives them a very good idea as to the hardships their great great grandmothers endured. Aislynn was fortunate to have men that loved and protected her but still the story gave insight to many other women who with or without a husband suffered hardships.

    • I won a signed copy of this book on in echange for an honest review. The book did follow the standard historical romance formula, but did give some enlightment of womans rights prior to the suffergate movment at the beginning of the 20th centruy. if you like historical romance than this is the book for you.

    • I loved it! The story was full of the myriad depths that women faced when trying to find their voice during the building of the western frontier. Whether it was finding true and steady love or finding the first voting rights implemented in Wyoming, women are strong and deserve equality in all aspects of living and loving.Take the time to read this novel.

    • Absolutely wonderfulThis book is so well-written and true to its time, as was the first one. I didn't want to put either down. Loved the characters. Sounded real and true. The descriptions drew vivid mental pictures. I learned so much more history. Simply loved both books! Loved the characters. To the author: thank you!

    • Read all 5 books in the last 4 days, got quite a history lesson. Now my imagination will continue this story line. Maybe another book will be in the works by Susan Denning, I would certainly want to read it.Great story line, you really need to start at the beginning, it makes women realize how far women have come!

    • Entertaining book!I enjoyed this book and felt like one of the author's strengths was in the description of characters. From New York to Cheyenne, the story didn't lag. My only criticism is that after her regret of sleeping with Moran, she turned around and did the same thing with Sage!

    • The right mix of history and fictionI read both Far Away Home and Embrace The Wind and enjoyed them both very much. I don't review everything I read because I read too much, but when a book is exceptional, I take the time. Aislyn is a heroine to love and the landscape of her life is entertaining and heartwarming.

    • This series of two books would make a great movie!!!I seldom give a book 5 stars but could not hold back this time! Characters are so believable and the story line is truly an epic depiction of the old west. It's a must read for those who love western s and American history fans!!

    • Wonderful storyI just couldn't put this book down. Read right after reading Far Away Home. Loved this series. I am always astounded by the hardships people will endure for a better life on their terms. This was a powerful testimony of that resolve. Wish the story didn't end. Loved the adventure.

    • Great ReadThis is the second book in this series and it's as good as the first book. It did not do like most other books and flop on the floor. It continued to keep me in my chair until I finished both books. Love the ways it twisted and turned through western history as if you were studding a history book. But not as dry as one.

    • Wonderful seriesSet in the West during the 1860's, teenager, Aislynn travels to Utah with her friend, Johnny, hoping to join Tim who was a neighbor and helped raise her after her mother died. She travels by train and then wagon train and ends up in a small mining camp which has very few women.The two book series was excellent and hard to put down.

    • EnjoyableI found this book to be interesting informative and enjoyable the historical facts that were weaved into the story made the whole book worth reading the characters were all so well defined but extremely likeable I look forward to reading another book written by this author

    • Women - Influence of the EraI read Faraway Home followed by Embrace the Wind and thoroughly enjoyed both books. The main character, Aislynn, was well defined as a young woman who was sheltered and naive. It is the story of strong women and the influence they had on the development of the West.

    • Susan you are an awesome writer loved the way you tide your 1 st and second book together Is there another? One becomes very close to the people in this story it was all very rea this would makelThis would make a great movie My husband Andi read a lot of books and would write reviews but this required number of words is d crazy.

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