Happenstance Found

Happenstance Found Twelve year old Happenstance awakens in a cave with no memory of who he is or how he came to be there Soon a mysterious trio arrives to take him away the explorer Umber the shy archer Sophie and Oat

  • Title: Happenstance Found
  • Author: P.W. Catanese
  • ISBN: 9781416975199
  • Page: 297
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Twelve year old Happenstance awakens in a cave with no memory of who he is or how he came to be there Soon a mysterious trio arrives to take him away the explorer Umber, the shy archer Sophie, and Oates, whose strength and honesty are both brutal Hap and his new acquaintances narrowly escape the cavernous underworld and make their way to Lord Umber s bustling jewel of aTwelve year old Happenstance awakens in a cave with no memory of who he is or how he came to be there Soon a mysterious trio arrives to take him away the explorer Umber, the shy archer Sophie, and Oates, whose strength and honesty are both brutal Hap and his new acquaintances narrowly escape the cavernous underworld and make their way to Lord Umber s bustling jewel of a harbor city, Kurahaven Once there, Hap learns that Lord Umber is an extraordinary man he s a merchant, adventurer, inventor, royal adviser, and chronicler of all things monstrous and magical But Umber s accomplishments can t answer the question closest to the boy s heart Who is Happenstance Desperate to uncover clues in his new, baffling surroundings, Hap accompanies Umber on dangerous and unusual missions But Hap soon learns that there are powerful enemies inside the kingdom, and a ruthless assassin is hot on his trail Faced with many unknowns, Hap knows one thing is certain There s a reason Umber has chosen himif only he could determine it P W Catanese s richly spun fantasy chronicles one boy s quest for answers and hope in a world riddled by knowledge and power corrupted.

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    • Happenstance Found BY P.W. Catanese
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    • P.W. Catanese

      P.W Paul Catanese is the author of fantasy adventure novels published by Aladdin Simon Schuster His next novel, DONNY S INFERNO, a supernatural adventure, will be published in early 2016 A crisp style, fast pacing, interesting characters and vivid descriptions have made Catanese a favorite with everyone from reluctant readers to teachers to adults seeking a thrilling escape His books have been turned into acclaimed audiobooks, and translated into many foreign languages In its starred review, Publisher s Weekly said Catanese dazzles in the first of the planned Books of UmberCatanese packs a lot into the book rich characterizations, well choreographed action sequences and genuinely surprising twists at the end An auspicious start to the series VOYA called The Thief and the Beanstalk a rollicking adventure meshed with complex characters and an intriguing spin on a familiar tale Paul is always happy to hear from readers.

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    • What a pleasant surprise this book was! Action and intriguing characters make for quite a page-turner. The ending resolves nicely, while still pushing readers to seek out the sequels. Hand this one to fans of fantasy adventure like Fablehaven or Pendragon. Review: abbythelibrarian/2011/

    • 3.5/5; 4 stars; B+I came across this book in my quest for fantasy stories my 12 year old son might enjoy. I think it would be perfect for that age group but I also think most adults who enjoy fantasy would like this story. Right from the beginning there is danger and adventure and all sorts of unusual magical characters.I found enough of a hook in the story about Lord Umber, to make me want to read more about this world and find out if he ever gets home.

    • A well-crafted story. Strong characters. Good solid world building. Some original ideas for a fantasy. Nothing really blew me away, but it was an excellent read that held my interest. Count me in for book #2.

    • There is a kid named happenstance who start off not knowing anything about himself or anyone. He is found in an underground city with a thing called a worm in it and it is not just an average worm. He then gets taken by those people onto a boat were he learned he is afraid of water. the whole story is very good.The theme of the book is you should expect the unexpected. when they were looking for happenstance they weren't expecting it to be him. they also weren't expecting his eyes to stick out s [...]

    • I liked it! A fresh new take on the "someone from our world who's taken to a fantasy world" trope. Umber is a fun character to read about. But he's also relatable, especially as he deals with depression. And he's not even the main character!

    • I felt the book was very original in its storytelling and had a very fast pace to it. I am looking forward to reading the rest of the series and finding out what happens to Umber and Happenstance.

    • Young Happenstance awakens in a dark cave, not remembering who he is or where he came from. A voice tells him his name - and then a group of explorers discovers him and the sealed note in his pocket. It seems that the owner of the mysterious voice wants Happenstance to go with this group - the dapper and indefatigable Lord Umber, a teenager with a missing hand named Sophie, and a strong man named Oates - and so he does.Lord Umber is a collector of mysteries, preferably magical ones, traveling al [...]

    • "Lord Umber es un aventurero entusiasta que recorre el mundo de cabo a rabo en busca de monstruos, milagros y maravillas para describirlos en su obra magna, Los libros de Umber. Sin embargo, lo que acaba de encontrar en las ruinas de una ciudad perdida excede todas sus expectativas: un muchacho, llamado Casualidad, cuyos inhumanos ojos verdes pueden ver en la oscuridad, y que no recuerda absolutamente nada sobre su origen o su identidad. Lord Umber se lo lleva consigo a su Atalaya en Puerto Kura [...]

    • First read date: August 9th, 2009. Best day of my life. Fourth read date: July 7th, 2012Fifth read date: October 16th, 2013Sixth read date: December 3rd, 2015Seventh read date: July 29th, 2017Sixth read:I don't know what I find so enchanting and adoration-worthy about this book. I really don't. The prose is crisp and simple, perfectly suited to the story, but not exceptional. The characters are lovely, beautifully written, but no more so than other characters in other books that I love less. The [...]

    • P.W.Catanese dazzles in the first of the planned Books of Umber series by wittily subverting genre tropes. Happenstance, a boy with strange green eyes, wakes up in a cave with no memories of who he is or anything about the fantastic world in which he lives. He soon encounters Lord Umber, an adventurer who seems familiar with our world as well as his own, and his two companions-a brute cursed to be forever truthful and a one-handed artist and archer. En route to Umber's home, they discover that H [...]

    • It's a world building book yes, but I think it is one that is done right. The last world building book I read was The Beyonders by Brandon Mull and though the ending made the flimsy story made sense, the journey was still a little too bland for me. But even if this book is similar with a lot of other books, the unknowing main character that provides exposition, the charismatic leader, the mindless muscle and the shy girl to win over among others, and though similar with other world (or series) b [...]

    • I was happily surprised by this book, it was exciting, fresh, and over all fun. I bought it out a whim and then set it on my island where I began to wonder why the heck I got it. I'm not really into this genre (I hated Beyonders) and the cover is just awful. But despite the gaudy design and the annoying double-spaces, I really enjoyed this book. The characters, who all seem painfully cliché at first, are relatively well-developed and interesting. The villain was one-dimensional, but he served h [...]

    • My 12 year old son loved this book. He either loves a book or doesn't read it, so I know this one has to be something special. He basically couldn't put it down for the last 50 pages, so today I felt like Mom of the Year as I walked the streets of the city with him at my side, the only tween for miles around who was endangering fellow pedestrians by walking and reading instead of walking and Pokemon Go-ing. He didn't put it down at lunch, in the doctor's office, or on the long drive home. When h [...]

    • Happenstance, Hap for short, is found by Lord Umber in a subterranean city buried beneath an active volcano and guarded by a gargantuan worm-type beast. He has no memory of any life prior to being found but little bits of knowledge flow through his mind allowing him to speak and read - in fact he can read and speak several languages. More than anything he wants to know about his past but is worried about his future since he is being hunted by a strange creature known as the "Creep". Lord Umber k [...]

    • I am not that far into the book, but I am already blown away by the beautiful and simplistic writing and the premise. I love the fantasy world as well, so fun!Update: I finished the book! What I loved about this book was the mystery- who is Happenstance? That was utterly fascinating! I loved the distinct characters as well. Nothing turns me off more than undistinct characters who you can only tell apart by their names. So, I loved the colorful characters, Umber and Oates and so on. My only compl [...]

    • Catanese has created some of the most lovable characters I have encountered in a fantasy! For me, Umber's appeal lies in his uncanny happiness despite his underlying psychological trials, his constant curiosity amid danger, and his amiable appeal to all those he encounters. My other favorites include Oats, with his absolute truth, and Malfor with his compassionate truth. Of course, Hap is a fantastic main character in his quest for identity. Overall, I really enjoyed the action, mystery and ques [...]

    • A boy awakens in darkness, with no memory and no idea where he is. Almost at once he is found by a group of explorers, led by Umber, a man of great inventiveness and curiosity. He has been directed to this island of ruins by an anonymous note, and another note to Umber is found next to Hapenstance. Narrowly escaping the island, they return to the city where Umber dwells as an adviser to the king, but are pursued by a mysterious enemy. This a creative fantasy and entertaining read. Its main weakn [...]

    • What a wonderful kick-off novel to the world of Umber. It all starts in the dark (blindfold). Happenstance wakes on his back on a stone floor, asterious voice tells him to leave the blindfold on. Then three people enter his world, Lord Umber, Oates and Sophie and a mad dash insues, you they are on an island with a volcano starting to blow its top.Travel the path of Hap (Happenstance) as he discovers who he is, where he is and why he is. Absolutely delightful mid-sized reading.

    • Interesting book There wasn't a whole lot of action in it except at the very end yet it somehow kept me reading. There was no over long descriptive pages, but it was detailed enough for me to get a clear picture of the area. I guess what kept me reading was I was very curious as to who Hap was and what was going on with him. The writer invoked a good sense of mystery with the character without making the reader frustrated about never finding anything solid.

    • Phenomenal Read!The characters and story are as rich as Weaveworld or The Deathgate Cycle. I read this in one sitting and still craved more. You won't be disappointed.

    • A boy named Hap wakes up in a dark room with no memory and absolutely no idea where or who he is. Three people find him in that dark room (which turns out to be an underground maze of some forgotten city) and realize that they had been sent to find him. Lord Umber, a mysterious inventor, brings Hap along with his group back to Kurahaven, the central city of this world. Hap quickly realizes that he is not normal. His eyes are an unusual color and give him night vision, and he can jump extremely h [...]

    • Muhteşem bir fantastik seri. Kızımın kitaplığı için almıştım ama onun okumasına daha çık var, boşa durmasın ben okuyayım dedim. İyi ki okumuşum :)

    • I was surprised and delighted by this story and its telling. From the start I felt I was in the hands of a skillfull storyteller, and Catanese never dropped the ball. He created wonderful characters in action--Umber, Oates (whom I especially liked), Sophie, Hap of course--and a plot that always moved along at the right pace, never bunching or dragging. Catanese built a world I would very much like to visit, with so much wonderful detail. I want to live in the Eryie!

    • FANTASTIC! I'll be dashing down to the library tomorrow to pick up the second book! Lord Umber is one of my new favorite people.

    • Über den Autor: P.W. Catanese lebt mit seiner Frau und drei Kindern in einer kleinen Stadt in Connecticut. Wenn er nicht gerade Cartoons zeichnet oder schreibt, arbeitet er für eine Werbeagentur. Mehr über den Autor auf pwcatanese (Quelle: Carlsen)Inhalt: ”Als Hap in einer dunklen Höhle erwacht, kann er sich an überhaupt nichts erinnern – nicht einmal daran, wer er ist. Auch der Mann, der sich seiner annimmt, ist ihm vollkommen unbekannt: Lord Umber, zugleich Abenteurer, Erfinder und Wi [...]

    • I really enjoyed Happenstance Found! I always seem to come back to characters as a main reason for liking a book. This rule hold true here too.Umber: He is part the bumbling professor, part Pollyanna and part brooding Mr. Darcy. Can you even imagine a person with such diverse characteristics? I wouldn't have thought it possible, but Catanese pulls it off - and it's even logical.Oates: He is burdened to always tell the truth, though as Umber explains, it doesn't mean he is always right. What a te [...]

    • I found this book to be entertaining and enjoyable. The story was engaging, but elusive. The characters really stole the spotlight though. They were captivating and quirky. Even the most minor characters had something distinctive and amusing about them. Happenstance is one of the main characters and he wakes up in a cave with no memory. He is found by Lord Umber and his companions. They walk out of the cave and things start kicking into gear right about then, as they are attacked by a monstrous [...]

    • Happenstance, or Hap as he is called, is found by Umber, Oates, and Sophie in a maze of tunnels guarded by a many-legged and -toothed worm. Umber is obviously in charge of the mission to rescue Hap, but Oates' great strength and Sophie's archery abilities certainly help. Unfortunately, they had no idea that the treasure they had sought would be a young boy who had absolutely no memory before the moment he had awakened in the dark chamber from which he was rescued. Hap heard the voice of the one [...]

    • A Fantasy Adventure DifferentHey, have you heard this one before? -- A boy with no memory of his past joins a quirky band of wanderers and has exotic adventures while trying to find out more about his own history. Some world saving may be involved.Well, of course you have. Nothing new here, one initially suspects. But one, (and stop referring to yourself as "one"), would be wrong. This is the fantasy adventure different, and even some pretty hoary old clichés feel fresh and interesting in Catan [...]

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