Walking on Water: Reading, Writing, and Revolution

Walking on Water Reading Writing and Revolution Remember the days of longing for the hands on the classroom clock to move faster Most of us would say we love to learn but we hated school Why is that What happens to creativity and individuality as

  • Title: Walking on Water: Reading, Writing, and Revolution
  • Author: Derrick Jensen
  • ISBN: 9781931498784
  • Page: 217
  • Format: Paperback
  • Remember the days of longing for the hands on the classroom clock to move faster Most of us would say we love to learn, but we hated school Why is that What happens to creativity and individuality as we pass through the educational system Walking on Water is a startling and provocative look at teaching, writing, creativity, and life by a writer increasingly recognized fRemember the days of longing for the hands on the classroom clock to move faster Most of us would say we love to learn, but we hated school Why is that What happens to creativity and individuality as we pass through the educational system Walking on Water is a startling and provocative look at teaching, writing, creativity, and life by a writer increasingly recognized for his passionate and articulate critique of modern civilization This time Derrick Jensen brings us into his classroom whether college or maximum security prison where he teaches writing He reveals how schools perpetuate the great illusion that happiness lies outside of ourselves and that learning to please and submit to those in power makes us into lifelong clock watchers As a writing teacher Jensen guides his students out of the confines of traditional education to find their own voices, freedom, and creativity.Jensen s great gift as a teacher and writer is to bring us fully alive at the same moment he is making us confront our losses and count our defeats It is at the center of Walking on Water, a book that is not only a hard hitting and sometimes scathing critique of our current educational system and not only a hands on method for learning how to write, but, like Julia Cameron s The Artist s Way, a lesson on how to connect to the core of our creative selves, to the miracle of waking up and arriving breathless but with dry feet on the far shore.

    • Walking on Water: Reading, Writing, and Revolution by Derrick Jensen
      217 Derrick Jensen
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    • Derrick Jensen

      Derrick Jensen is an American author and environmental activist living in Crescent City, California He has published several books questioning and critiquing contemporary society and its values, including A Language Older Than Words, The Culture of Make Believe, and Endgame He holds a B.S in Mineral Engineering Physics from the Colorado School of Mines and an M.F.A in Creative Writing from Eastern Washington University He has also taught creative writing at Pelican Bay State Prison and Eastern Washington University.

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    • When I was between the ages of seven and eleven, my father was particularly ready to start a militia and secede from the union. I say "particularly" because in one way or another he's always been a little paranoid and iffy on the subject of loyalty to his citizenship (except when republicans are elected to any office, then you are guarantied to see him sporting his American flag suspenders). My parents "home schooled" me for a few years (quotation marks indicate that you could take out the word [...]

    • علقتُ كثيرا في الكتابِ وتقدمي فيه كان بطيئًا ومع ذلك فهو يستحق وزيادة. ديريك جنسن يشرحُ فكرةً عامةُ يفرع تحتَها كثيرا من المفرداتِ التي لم يرتبْها وإنما بعثرها في فصولِ كتابِه، ماذا يريدُ أن يقولَ لنا من خلال العنوانِ الغامضِ؟ يقول أن تعليمَ المدارسِ لا يجعلُ المرءَ يكتشفُ [...]

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    • This is a book about the education system with little bits of writing advice thrown in. Jensen follows the tradition of pedagogical cranks and visionaries like Ivan Illich and Jacques Ranciere in the idea that schools exist primarily to teach submission. For Jensen, of course, this is just part of the beast of Industrial Civilization destroying the liveable earth. But suddenly, in between salmon die-off statistics, you've got a helpful tip about writing dialogue. Even if Jensen isn't the best wr [...]

    • I borrowed this from the LIBRARY! at the behest of SteviePeace. I began reading it at around 1AM on a Tuesday morning. I didn't put it down until I had finished it - when the sun was high over the North End. I then wandered around my low-rent apartment mumbling to myself and hoping Derrick Jensen would stop by so I could hug him.You get the picture. I love this book. It's a quick read and it's powerful.Derrick Jensen shows beautifully how education, politics and writing are inextricable in the m [...]

    • عظيم ! كتاب عن التعليم وفعل الكتابة والثورة . يوميات بسيطة يسردها ديريك جنسن من داخل فصله الدراسي ،اختزل كل ما يجري بداخل فصله الدراسي من مناقشات وموضوعات حول مواضبع مصيرية أو عابرة بمنطقية ،هذه الأمور جعلتني أرى العالم من منظور آخر خصوصاً بما يخص التدوين . ديريك هنا يثير تسا [...]

    • كتاب مُلهِم ولكنه غير مثير وغير مشوق وهذا فى نظرى عيبه الوحيدفقد بدأت قراءته بتطلعات كبيرة عن فنون القراءة والكتابة ولكن وجدت خواطر أستاذ وخبير فى فنون الكتابةولكن مع هذا يظل الكتاب مجموعة من الخبرات لكل مهتم بالقراءة والكتابة وإن فقد النصائح الموجهة والافكار المُعلّبة لف [...]

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    • ربما يكون هذا الكتاب جيد ويستحق تقييم أفضل إلا أنه لم يكن كتابي ببساطة وإن كانت بعض فقراته قد راقت لي. جذبني العنوان في البداية وأبهرتني مقدمة الكتاب التي انتقدت النظام التعليمي بقوة طارحا الكاتب فيها تساؤلات عديدة عن جدواه راودتني مماثلاتها بكثرة مؤخرا كما اعتقد أنها تراود [...]

    • I received this book at our honeymoon, and years ago I read Jensen's A Language Older Than Words, which I found interesting but not entirely convincing. I suppose that's true in a certain way with Walking on Water, though I liked it much better, on the whole.The center of this book is Jensen's experiences teaching creative writing at Eastern Washington University and at a prison--in many ways, we could see this book as primarily about teaching creative writing and about writing itself. Around th [...]

    • When I was in grad school, I taught two freshmen writing courses. Teaching those classes was a requirement, but no one bothered to teach us how to teach. Bear in mind this was a prestigious university. My students were paying thirty thousand dollars a year in tuition to sit in a room and watch me flail.I dreaded every class.I wish I’d read this book back then.Derrick Jensen is like an amalgam of every Inspirational Teacher you’ve ever seen in a movie. Only he’s not full of shit.This is a b [...]

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    • ديريك جنسن ينتقد أنظمة التعليم و يعلمك احتراف الكتابة من خلال سرد لأحداث من خبرته العملية في تدريس الكتابة اعتمد فيها على البعد عن الموضوعات المقررة في المنهج و استخدام أكثر للمصادر الخارجية تغيير نظام الجلوس في القاعات عدم الاعتماد على نظام الدرجات و التقييم و رفض القوا [...]

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    • this is a great book. a quick read, even though it's nonfiction. i read it in just a few days, which is fast for me. it helps that it's short makes me excited to become a teacher, and has given me lots of ideas. and though i'm not a writer, it makes me want to write also makes me hate school even more than i already do, and question whether i really should teachis book uses humor and creativity to discuss the role of teachers, how fucked-up institutional education is, and some rules for writing. [...]

    • كتاب أكثر من رائعابدع المؤلف في عرضه للأفكاروأبدع المترجم في ترجمتهيتحدث الكتاب عن مجموعة من القواعد الخاصة للكتابهولكن بطريقة كسر من خلالها الاسلوب التقليدي فهو يتلاعب بالقارئ وينقله كيفما شاءبمتعه وتنوعانصح به وبشدة لمن يريد أن يؤلف كتابا وخصوصاً الروائيين

    • وجدت في الكتاب، أكثر ممّا كنت آمل أن أجده، كوني بدأته بنية أني سأكون أمام عمل، يتحدّث عن القراءة وتقنيات الكتابة، وظلّت الثورة يُنتظر الكشف عن مرادها من العنوان. لكن سرعان ما اتّضح لي، أن الكتاب مساغ بأسلوب سردي جميل، نستطيع أن نقول أنّه أسلوبٌ روائيّ، يحكيه ديريك جنسن، أستا [...]

    • Enjoying the authors stories of his classroom lectures! Excited to try a few in my high school Business Communications class!

    • استمتعت بقراءة الكتاب خصوصا ً أنه يتكلم عن التدريس و كيفية تنشئة الطلاب على التفكير بشكل مختلف و خارج عن العادة و كذلك بعض الطرق التي يمكن استخدامها في التدريس ✨

    • (This review is quoted on the book's back flap.)One of the most important components of both education and activism is contextualization. As Paulo Freire argued, learning must be rooted in the context in which education takes place. For a sixth-grader in the US, that would be their local community; for a elderly person, that might be their family. For Derrick Jensen, that place was in classrooms at a university and a maximum security prison, where he was taught creative writing to Washington sta [...]

    • Another amazing book, or should I say manifesto, from our modern-day Thoreau. An investigation into American industrial civilization and education, and the repercussions thereof. Of the many highlights I could share, here is a few:"Here is what I do know: I hate industrial civilization, for what it does to the planet, for what it does to communities, for what it does to individual nonhumans (both wild and domesticated), and for what it does to individual humans (both wild and domesticated). I ha [...]

    • I recently had a prolonged epiphany regarding teaching, the environment, western civilization and the sense of self. The experience left me determined to change the way I teach. Even before my night of revelations, I was trying to think of ways to make my classes more experiential. This is my attempt to offer a true educational experience, one where I empty students out and give them the tools to learn on their own rather than fill them up with facts and dates. I try to get them engaged in the w [...]

    • ah mr. jensen. if i were an aspiring writer what i wouldn't do to take a class from you. [maybe i'd even be willing to go to prison]as a fellow educator it is quite easy to get distracted or disheartened in the classroom so this was a perfect end of the semester read. as a fine art teacher i feel so lucky that my classes are under 25 students so that i, too, can implement the kind of discussion and discourse than jensen so wonderfully illustrates. who wouldn't argue that our system needs fixing [...]

    • Jensen has a stylized manner of writing -- carefully clipped sentences with build-in suspense. It's highly rhetorical by the seeming lack there-of. All rhetorics aim to manipulate, yet there is still a difference: personally I prefer the overtly rhetorical writing, rather than those that show off by not showing off. I also wish Jensen had come out at the very beginning with the issue of Work With The System or Against The System, rather than beating around the bush all the way till the last two [...]

    • Whatever else Derrick Jensen may be, he's a very good writer.The whatever else includes opinionated, with touches of arrogance and a dollop of self-righteousness. But he means well, I think.That's a bit harsh, actually. He had a lot of very good points, and wrote a lot of things I agree with. What I wasn't particularly crazy about were his stereotypes. He makes a fairly big deal out of his accepting everyone for who they are, and then smugly lists numerous examples where he succeeded in converti [...]

    • What I knew that schools are not fun or aim to educate me as my perception is that education cannot be at any way the false stuff they teach me at schools I want to be taught useful things why they didn't teach me how to know my self and be the real me. This book is a wonderful one that states clearly that schools are part of the power tools to make people know who have power and how we must treat them no matter if they work for our good or not. This is the real life and this is what we honestly [...]

    • One of the best books I've read about education that does a very good job of interweaving well-made arguments against industrial education and narratives illustrating what it means to be taught by a highly perceptive humanist (Jensen) who cares deeply about his students, even those primarily concerned with the next DVD they're going to buy.I deeply enjoy Jensen's perceptions, thoughts and writing (I've now read three of his books). I'm giving "Walking on Water" four stars instead of five only be [...]

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