Power The key to human nature that Marx found in wealth and Freud in sex Bertrand Russell finds in power Power he argues is man s ultimate goal and is in its many guises the single most important elem

  • Title: Power
  • Author: Bertrand Russell
  • ISBN: 9780393004793
  • Page: 160
  • Format: Paperback
  • The key to human nature that Marx found in wealth and Freud in sex, Bertrand Russell finds in power Power, he argues, is man s ultimate goal, and is, in its many guises, the single most important element in the development of any society Writting in the late 1930s when Europe was being torn apart by extremist ideologies and the world was on the brink of war, Russell setThe key to human nature that Marx found in wealth and Freud in sex, Bertrand Russell finds in power Power, he argues, is man s ultimate goal, and is, in its many guises, the single most important element in the development of any society Writting in the late 1930s when Europe was being torn apart by extremist ideologies and the world was on the brink of war, Russell set out to found a new science to make sense of the traumatic events of the day and explain those that would follow The result was Power, a remarkable book that Russell regarded as one of the most important of his long career Countering the totalitarian desire to dominate, Russell shows how political enlightenment and human understanding can lead to peace his book is a passionate call for independence of mind and a celebration of the instinctive joy of human life.

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    • Power by Bertrand Russell
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    • Bertrand Russell

      Bertrand Arthur William Russell, 3rd Earl Russell, OM, FRS, was a Welsh philosopher, historian, logician, mathematician, advocate for social reform, pacifist, and prominent rationalist Although he was usually regarded as English, as he spent the majority of his life in England, he was born in Wales, where he also died.He was awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1950 in recognition of his varied and significant writings in which he champions humanitarian ideals and freedom of thought.

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    • کتاب قدرت نوشته راسل اولین کتابی است که از این فیلسوف منطقی و صلح دوست انگلیسی میخونم هر چند راسل یک ریاضیدان بوده است هر چند که انگاه ریاضی و منطقی به شرایط اجتماعی و سیاسی باعث میشود که ناظر از خیلی چیزها صرفنظر کند دقیقا کاری که ما در ریاضی میکردیم واز ایکس صرفنظر میکردیم ول [...]

    • شیوه بحث راسل در این کتاب بیشتر تاریخی است تا تحلیلی و نمونه‌های تاریخی فراوانی را از چگونگی تراکم و تبلور قدرت و کاربرد آن نقل کرده‌است، راسل قدرت اقتصادی را یک قدرت اصیل نمی‌داند بلکه می‌گوید که قدرتی مشتق است. او می‌گوید که قدرت اقتصادی مد نظرش با آنچه «کارل مارکس» مطرح [...]

    • Russell's analysis of forms of power is thorough and persuasive. Though dated in some parts, the book is nonetheless highly relevant in modern times, where power everywhere still goes largely unchecked. My favourite quote in the book: "The ultimate aim of those who have power (and we all have some) should be to promote social cooperation, not in one group as against another, but in the whole human race. The chief obstacle to this end at present is the existence of feelings of unfriendliness and [...]

    • I picked this up a few years ago, read the intro, and put it down. I admit, it's a bit slow and for more than half the book, he is simply describing different institutions and forms of power. I was glad when I picked it up the second time and didn't stop because as he goes on exploring power, he occasionally says something profound or least eye catching "The man who has vast mechanical power at his command is likely, if uncontrolled, to feel himself a god--not a Christian God of Love, but a paga [...]

    • مترجم در مقدمه به سختی از کتاب انتقاد کرده که من فکر میکنم در این موارد حق با مترجم باشه: راسل معتقده که دموکراسی بهترین راه حل مساله قدرته. منتهی کاستی بزرگ کتاب اینجا به چشم میاد که هیچ راهکار و توصیه ای برای گذار از اشکال دیگه حکومت به دموکراسی ارائه نشده. در واقع توصیه های را [...]

    • Took me forever to read this. Picked up an old hardback copy in a charity shop for next to nothing as I was keen to get into Russell, but I might have made the wrong choice in this one as a first read! Some great philosophical nuggets to be found in amongst very very dry historical text. I did like his writing style but this took me far longer to read than most other books as it felt like a massive effort to even pick up the damn thing let alone engage with it!If anyone has any Russell which the [...]

    • After two years of reading a chapter every now and again I have finally finished. It's a slow book. The concepts are big, and trying to get your head around them requires you to read, stop, slow down, think, reread. But once you learn to accept that this is going to take a while, its magic really does start to show.As does it's magical humour, which amazingly had me laughing loudly and scribbling down quotes to share.

    • Beğendiğim birkaç alıntıyla başlayacağım. Russell'ın okuduğum en ağır kitabı oldu bir kere onu söyleyeyim. Uzun bir sürede ancak bitirebildim. Machiavelli'nin Prens'i, Hobbes'un Leviathan'ı Aristoteles'in Politikası ve Platon'un Devlet'i öncelikle yakalayabildiğim referanslardan bazılarıydı.Alıntı 1: “Lenin, Hitler ve Mussolini yükselişlerini demokrasiye borçluydular”Alıntı 2: “Askeri fetihler ancak psikolojik fetihlerle desteklendiklerince istikrarlıdır”Al [...]

    • It is strange to read a 20th century book with only a few foot notes and no bibliography. Russell's writing style is entertaining and funny, but the general argumentation of the book is rather unconvincing, except the last chapter which happens to be very convincing. This can happen. Apparently Russell didn't like economists (or rather their idea's) which means he probably didn't know their idea's, or at least didn't understand them. Too bad. First time I'm looking forward to reading some books [...]

    • I love this book. It’s 20% profound, 40% off-the-wall weird, and 40% recycled political commentary. The good parts are so good I didn't even mind that last. Essentially, Russell, surveying with dismay Europe in the late 1930s, and with the probability of an apocalyptic European war firmly in mind, descends from the Olympian heights of mathematics to clear up the bothersome matters of culture and society. The basic idea is that we should understand society—and completely reinterpret history a [...]

    • Power is Bertrand Russell’s attempt to explain the mechanics and motivations behind the men who control the world and have an inordinately large influence on history, which at the time of writing included Hitler and Stalin. While it did not achieve the notoriety or influence Russell hoped it would, the book is a depository of enduring observations and good sense that explains so much about the world and the madmen we empower to run it, written with a characteristic Russellian combination of lo [...]

    • For some reason, I can neither enjoy Russell, nor find myself thinking along with him, even when he is all well and good. It is perhaps my beef with the tradition of 'analytic' philosophy in which he occupies a central place (Wittgenstein is not possible without Russell), or that he mostly writes as if he is giving a lecture to a layman. I just don't see him thinking in and within the text, and as a result, he appears simply as giving a dry and boring lecture regardless of what he is talking abo [...]

    • More observational than analytical, the book is most interesting in its historical context. Written just prior to the outbreak of the second world war, it shows an acute awareness and fear of the ways in which desire for power and forms of power effect states and rest often ultimately on military power. It gives an often overlooked feel of the opinions and experiences of an unspeakable liberal in that period of nationalism. The book also has some interesting insights on the ownership/control div [...]

    • For a philosophically inclined. If power drives the human, then love has no chance to save the world, since power is fear in disguise. Yet, is the power to save from brutal death equal to the power of condemnation to it. This is where the coin takes decidedly two sides. In the end, a bit incomplete to my liking - since the decisions proposed are idealistic. The ideas of human re-education, and abolishment of war by making all humanity a united body rather than divided by religion, countries, sta [...]

    • Although I am a keen admirer of Russell, this book has produced the weakest conclusions of all the works I've read of him so far. Either he lazily arrives at already existing truths about the topic of power, or in other cases, where things get a little messy, he dismisses the logical outcome as something too remote to cover in this work. Throughout the whole book I had a feeling someone was watching over Bertie's shoulder when writing this, threatening him with a stick whenever he'd dare to reac [...]

    • This is appearantly one of Russell's worst writings; seems better than Nietzsche's best! :DRussell is my favorite Philosopher. I feel mentally close to him; when I read his writings, I feel "the bastard's been lucky being born before me, otherwise I would have said all these stuff before him!"His writings represent his mind's "formation"(couldn't find the right word for ساختار, sorry): Brief clear logic (= ~(Nietzsche!) ) and playful childish vision

    • While this book was an interesting read, quite accessible for a book on philosophy and makes me interested in reading more by Russell, overall the book left me slightly underwhelmed. I expected that this book would expound a universal theory on the nature and origins of power, valid all throughout human history. However, many of the viewpoints presented, while it may be valid in 1930s England, are no longer valid or at least have their validity limited to Europe and other Western countries.

    • Incisive analysis of Power. Although this book turns out to be a little boring in the first half, the second part, in which all the brilliant ideas contains, really fascinate me. The part on moral codes as well as power philosophy is really worth reading. Russell had also instilled his own ideals in education in this book.

    • خالی از لطف نیست خواندن کتاب، ای کاش راسل در زمان حال در مورد قدرت می نوشت، رسانه و تغییر حالت قدرت جای بررسی بیشتری داره.ترجمه نجف دریا بندری خوب بود.

    • Russell'ın iflah olmaz deli çılgın bir farklılığı var. Dönemine, geleceğe ve geçmişe çok doğru tespitler yaptığı bir eser. Özellikle Örgütler ve Birey bölümü etkileyiciydi.

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