CTEK Multi XT 4000

Sorry, This item has been discontinued
Please see the CTEK MXT 4.0.

Long-term maintenance.

CTEK MULTI XT 4000 is a battery charger in a series of fully-automatic switch mode battery charges with specially adapted solutions, developed for 24V batteries. The CTEK MULTI XT 4000 is a cost effective and reliable charger adapted for use with items like wheelchairs, piste machinery, school buses and back-up systems.

Features & Benefits

  • Eight step, fully automatic switch mode model.
  • Revives, charges, checks and maintains virtually all types of 24V lead-acid batteries (Wet, MF, GEL and AGM) from 8Ah to 100Ah, up to 250Ah maintenance.
  • Desulphation mode with pulses.
  • Soft start for severely discharged batteries.
  • Recondition mode with controlled top charging recovers the capacity of a severely discharged battery.
  • Maintenance pulse charging increases battery life and gives superb performance.
  • Charges even drained batteries.
  • Temperature compensated for optimal charging voltage at all times.
  • Low back current drain, low ripple and input voltage independent (170-260V).
  • High efficiency: 85%
  • The charger can be connected for months, ideal for seasonal vehicles.
  • Compact design with mounting holes for permanent assembly.
  • 2 year warranty.

CTEK Multi XT 4000


  • Heavy-goods Vehicle
  • Truck

Technical Data

Model CTEK Multi XT 4000
Input voltage AC 170-260VAC, 50-60Hz
Output voltage Nominal: 24V
Efficiency 85%
Charging voltage 28.8V, 29.4V, 31.4V
Charging current 4A max
Back current drain* <1mA
Ripple** <5% rms
Ambient temperature -20C to +50C, output power is reduced automatically at higher temperatures.
Type of charger Eight step, fully automatic, switch mode with pulse maintenance.
Type of batteries All types of 24V lead-acid batteries (Wet, MF, AGM and GEL).
Battery capacity 8-100Ah, up to 250Ah maintenance
Dimensions (L x W x H) 191x89x48mm
Insulation IP 65 (Outdoor use)
Weight 0.8kg

*) Back current drain is what drains the battery if the charger is connected without the power cord connected.

**) Ripple denotes the amount of interference there is to the current and voltage. A high current ripple heats the battery and shortens its life. A linear charger has a current ripple of 70 - 400% which is much larger than the maximum 5% for a modern sealed battery. Voltage ripple could harm other equipment, which is connected to the battery. The MULTI XS 7000 delivers voltage and current with very low ripple. The battery gains a long service life and there is no risk of damage to other electronic devices connected to the battery.

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