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Battery conditioners for heavy duty use in vehicles with 12 or 24 volt batteries, such as buses, trucks, larger boats, plant machinery, commercial or industrial vehicles, piste machinery such as snowmobiles, wheelchairs, and workshops. These battery conditioners are designed to be very easy to use with built-in safety features to prevent sparking and damage from short-circuits or reverse-polarity. They also feature a selection of different modes such as a 'Reconditioning' function to restore stratified and deeply discharged batteries. They are usually available with a variety of battery conditioner accessories.

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The MXS 25 is the perfect choice for batteries that require quick charging, including caravans, boats and the workshop. The temperature sensor adjusts the charge voltage to suit the battery´┐Żs temperature to guarantee effective battery charging in all climates.



The MXT 14 has the same characteristics as the MXS 25, but is adapted for 24V batteries, which makes it perfect for buses, trucks, larger boats or the workshops that service these vehicles.



CTEK MXT 4.0 is a switch mode battery charger, specially developed for 24V batteries. The CTEK MXT 4.0 is a cost effective and reliable charger adapted for use with items like wheelchairs, snowmobiles and other piste machinery, back-up systems, school buses and 24V vehicles.


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